highjump and more

I upload some stuff from the highjump competition tonight. Enjoy it.

wmv file

flash file

Was awesome watching that video.

What is the last song in the video?

that was crazy those jumps…

shakedown-state of the nation

haven’t you seen defect?


Who won?

that farbian guy I think

was that forest in there?

I think his name is Márk Fábián from Hungary.
I think he wins senior class and Fredrik Justnes win Junior Class.
I hope to get the results soon to confirm.

Thanks that you like it, I start to edit trials now :smiley:

Olaf is right.
Márk Fábián from Hungary won senior, he leapt 110cm I believe.
Fredrik Justnes from Norway won junior, he leapt 103,5 cm, I think he was on the top of 105 cm aswell, but he didn`t make it.

Overall Fredrik had the second highest jump :smiley:

i think his name is fabian mark, not mark fabian

I have, but dont own it, nor do I remember the song name.

Speaking of songs…What’s the first one?

So crazy high, i need to get out an work on my side hop, it is currently only around a measly 32 to 35 inches… Fabian IS SO GOOD at side hop!.. no longer is it just a side hop it’s a side JUMP! go hungry!

I will ask Emma about the music. She was so kind to prepare a lot of CDs for FLUCK but without any titles :slight_smile:
I will ask her and add the song name asap.

And yes, his side hop is pretty good, also Iten and Lutz are very good in that stuff. Mark Fabian did 114,5 cm in Hungary as far as I know. At FLuck he try 120 cm but failed. So the 8 pallettes will be the new target I think :smiley:

OK, thanks. It’s a nice song:)