Highest static S.I.F. sidehop - no prehops.

What’s the highest you’ve got onto a ledge? And highest you’ve seen any of your friends get? Metric and imperial if you’re a nice person :slight_smile: The reason I’m posting this is I’m not sure if it’s worth my while to learn prehops at all… is it possible to get a metre without a prehop?

Try stay on topic… SIF - STATIC - NO PREHOPS

Mine - 73cm (28.7 inches)

  • unicyclistjoe - 75cm (29.5 inches) <-- likely to be NZs best yet!

I once did a table, Which was good for me because i suck at static hops. So around 30"?

i do most my sif hops static. somehow i do better without a pre-hop it seems. so that’s 26inches or so…i forget, been forever since i’ve done them.

32" (81.28cm)

I am new to trials though, not having figured out the timing on prehops, I do everything static.

I think I’ve hit a ledge that was around 33 inches (83.8cm)…I don’t think I’ve gone much over that static.


I hate this thread.

Static just means not rolling, correct? Aren’t they all static, prehop or not?

I’m no good at timing prehops either. I can use them for pedal grabs but sidehop to rubber I usually just do it no prehop. Or rolling seat in.
I haven’t measured my highest, nor have I tried to go higher sidehoping.

By “they” you mean S.I.F hops, right? Answer’s no they’re not all static. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t static mean hopping in place, as in not rolling though?

That’s what I always thought, too, but apparently THESE guys don’t count prehops as being static.

Anyhoo, I suck at SIF hopping, my best being like 22".

it makes sense to me. a static sidhop is jumping from a stillstand. The prehop adds lateral motement.

And bounce and control.

Excuse my ignorance, but what is a “SIF”?

Seat In Front

I think Zack Baldwin probably has highest sif sidehop without a prehop.

same here… except im like 24"


Stop bein such a noob :wink:

I said “SIF - STATIC - NO PREHOPS” to be specific bout what I meant.

If I’d only said “SIF - STATIC”, it wouldn’t be specific enough coz ppl might’ve also post how high they can jump with a prehop.

If I’d just said “SIF - NO PREHOPS”, it wouldn’t be specific enough coz ppl might’ve also posted how high they can rolling s.i.f. hop.

If I’d just said “STATIC - NO PREHOPS”, it wouldn’t be specific enough coz ppl might’ve still posted how high they can hop seat-in.

only once
I can’t even get that rolling most of the time
i hop up 3 stairs static
so yeah w/e

like 20"

but today i got 2 feet, seat-in, static