Highest seat in hop

does anyone of you guys know how high is the highest seat in hop?

I`m hopping like, a picnic table now.

yoggy rides seat in right (or used to ride) ? So, how high does he get?

I’d say Joe Hodges, i think he jumped over a metre seat in or Rocco Schulz can jump pretty high too


sweat in?!?

From the Ryan Atkins vs Zack Baldwin thread.

But then they said it was SIF.

What’s the highest static seat in?

I think 94cm by Joe Hoedges.

Need to clear some stuff up.

Rocco Schulz does his jumps rolling seat in. He did do (I think) close to 100cm (but it was a round edge). I think Xav’ could beat him rolling seat in.

Yoggi isn’t a huge jumper, he said that himself.

Joe Hodges can side-hop (I am almost 100% certain) 94cm seat in.

If you are getting up picnic tables seat in side hop then that is very good. Most people just end up switching to SIF way before that, but good on you, I could never do that.


anyone has the exact number?

Possibly not, as there is not such thing as a “seat-in” high jump competition so any measurements may not be 100% accurate.

Please be aware of the difference between high jump numbers and “ups.” You can go higher to a ledge, in other words, then clearing a high jump bar. So when comparing jump heights you have to consider seat-out vs. seat-in, rolling vs. static, and whether it’s to a ledge or object, or over a bar. And who’s doing the measuring. :slight_smile:

Sorry, Joe Hodges can do 96cm seat in and has tapped 98cm.


He can do 96 but has taped 98? Isnt that impossible?

Tapped 98. Touched it. Nearly made it.

(I think)

So far, I’ve hit about 2 feet seat in. My goal was to do 1 inch for every year of my age (51). I beat it by 5 inches! Yay!:slight_smile: Btw, my last, most recent successful attempt was only three pallets, so I made like a 25% hop-height improvement!