highest hoppers

yea they defenatly have a problem… and whats funny is that I get my other accounts banned for saying the truth and they dont get shit for bithcing at me ? hmm problem somewhere…

Keep in mind, when Peck said that, pretty much no one (maybe KH?) was hopping SIF. He was in his 50’s getting about 24" or so if I remember correctly? He was way ahead of his time just making a wild stab about what he thought was possible.

Over a bar, Seat in : 22"
SIF: 12" What am I doing wrong?


yes thats right, but any ways my highest is about 8"…dont laugh, im working on it:D :o :smiley: :o

Ryan and I both have done around 42 inches onto somthing. I’ve done a meter over a bar.

no im sure he said 50" or more makes a good hopper,but thats too high! I dont know anyone who can do that. Anyway George is crazy!

I hit 16.5 first try then struggled to hit 19 inches. I’m not shour, i may have hit 19 the problem is unless I hit the dead center on my recycling ben on top of 8 bricks it slides out and i land on my @ss prity hard. I think I am geting close to 20 inches but i need the confidense/ I cant be worrying about my obsitical sliding out form under me.

Edit: all Seat under my but/ no pre hop

I can hop SIF but I never pratice it and i cant pre hop very well

I dono I think that SIF is more scryer over a bar then onto something… thata probly why some ppl have a lower SIF then just normal hop…

35" on a bc, 30" on a uni

In riding hundreds of single tracks on my Muni I’ve never HAD to hop higher than 20 inches to get down any trail–and even then it’s usually to gap something I don’t have the sac (courage) to try and roll down. When I first started I thought Jordonesque hopping was going to help with grim Muniing, but it hasn’t worked out that way for me (riding mostly in Santa Barbara).


i can hop rolling in front 45 cm

static seat in about 35 cm and same sif

seat in 14 inches. seat out: N/A. oh well…

Re: highest hoppers

I can only hop about a foot (12" or 30cm), bearing in mind I only do
side hopping, with my seat under me. But I’ve seen people hop sideways,
and forwards a metre (3’) or more - but this is doing it SIF.

Rolling hop over a bar = 80cm

Rolling hop onto something = 88cm ish

Seat in static = 65-70

SiF static = 55

I realise this is a USA dominated forum but can we just use CM like normal people? If you need a reason, it’s for increased accuracy.

Rolling hop - 65cm

SIF sidehop - 60cm (I can’t do prehops at all)

Seat in sidehop - 60cm

These numbers haven’t changed for me in about 13 months of practicing… I think maybe I need to watch a video of myself so I can see where I’m going wrong. Also worth noting it’s all on a big heavy beaten up 24" KH.

And Joe I’m gonna go measure ur 88 ish one today and see what the unofficial NZ record really is :slight_smile:

Commitment is what you need boy! COMMITMENT I SAID!!! Now text me back you slacker.

Me and Joe have some new numbers but we don’t know what they are. If you’re thinking of buying a new unicycle but you’re considering getting something crap like… anything that isn’t an 05 KH20, DON’T.

I bought this unicycle last night and took it on its maiden voyage tonight with Joe and not only did it make me better, it made Joe better too! I landed something like a 70cm rolling hop:

Security guard: Sorry guys I have to ask you to move on now.
Me: No way man, this is my best hop.
Security guard: What?
Me: This will be the biggest jump I’ve ever done, give me one more go!
Security guard: pause to think OK, one more.
Security guard (on the radio to his mate who was presumably watching us on a camera): Yo, are you watching this?
Me: start rolling towards the ledge that looks waaay too high for me
Me: thinking I’m not gonna make it
Me: thinking I’ll never make it if I’m thinking I’m not gonna make it!
Me: thinking the ledge is coming up fast, get ready to jump
Me: clears it easy and is stoked for the rest of the night

Usually the unicycles have to stay out in the boot of the car but just for tonight I’m letting the new KH20 stay in my bedroom, don’t think the KH24 really likes the idea of getting relegated to “capturer of cobwebs” but that’s the way it is until somebody bothers organising a MUni ride that I bother coming on.

Joe was pulling off some nice S.I.F. hops, I guess it must’ve been something like 65cm which is still a bit out of kilter with the size of his rolling hops but any personal best is good, right?

So tired, 5hrs sleep since Wednesday (Sat morning here). Buy a KH20, you know you want to. I also got the Roger Davies designed gel seat instead of the low profile KH fusion seat, one bolt disappeared off it already which is a bit of a letdown, I bet nobody can guess which cobweb capturer I vandilised to replace the missing bolt?


So far, my best sidehop (SIF) was 70 cm, or about 28", but I’ve only recently begun to stand still before jumping, before that I used to hop, hop, hop, hop, jump. This was very tireing for one, but it also made me lose concentration. It’s weird though, my pedal grabs are way higher then my normal jumps, even taking into consideration that you don’t land on the bottom of your wheel, I’ve landed pedal grabs as high as 1.20m, so, in theory, I should be able to do 90 cm SIF sidehops… But despite my best efforts, I almost always seem to prefer my feet on solid ground, then on my pedals. (I just get off my pedals in mid-air, and step onto the object)

It is a USA dominated forum and that means that we should use inches. I understand that most of the world does not use inches but it is what we use and we aren’t going to change for somebodys lacking math skills. (to convert)
Asking us to use centimeters for you is like you going on to a japanese website and telling them they are speaking the wrong language.