highest hoppers

Hopping height?
i want to know who the highest hopper is on this website. Post your hop hight and ill put it in oder from greatest to least as best i can.

i can prolly do 2.5ft to maybe 2ft 8" on a good day with pre hop, but im getting better!

my hop is 20"

a bit higher then 5 pallets on roll hop so around 30" ? and on side 5 pallets so id say like 27-28"

18" and i cheat by hopping on the cranks seat out, a little more than a foot on pedals

i just mesures myseld and it turned out to be about 25 inches:D

i need higher!!

zack baldwin does over 40" I think

yea but i dont get it when george Peck said a good jumper can jump 50" or more. Thats crazy high!

Just today my side hop got me up about 30", saddle in with a pre-hop or pre-load as we call it around here. I’m feeling pretty damn good about that. I just started working on forward rolling hops and am getting fairly consistent on one ledge that is about 1.5 feet. I haven’t really tried going higher.

Zack’s done 42", and I think Ryan’s done more.

I’ve got ~37". That’s prehopping SIF.

Edit: JackOlsen, you should try SIF. It’ll add easily 6-8" to your hop height and more with additional practice. I maxed seat in at 20", that’s 17" better SIF.

SIF=seat in front, right ?

He probably meant 50 cm at the time
because 50" is not just any good jumper…
that’s like impossible!!!

The highest I’ve gotten is 32" SIF and 24" normal.

heh… my measly hops are about a curb and a half. but i’m practicing!

Answer Me ! Sif = Sit In Front Right ?

yes. it does.

Learn some patience and basic search button useage, Max. I’m not your wench.

SIF=Seat In Front, happy now?

Peck meant 50", he even went so far as to say 50-60". It’s in RTU which is an extra on universe two. When you watch it you’ll see he definitely said 50 inches.

yes! 'tis

has there always been a minimum number of characters in a reply? because i just wanted to say “yes!”

ok ??? explain why ur bitching at me plz ?

Everyone here is too lazy to do any work. (they can only afford one wheel, after all) So if you ask them to lift a finger, of course they’ll go all balistic on you.