Highest hop/drop to date.

I’m on hollidays and have been riding heaps and not to long ago i sucesfully landed my largest drop to date and did a seat out hop that i think is the biggest i’ve ever done. Also i made my seccond ever movie- its becomming very addictive:D
The pics and the movie are in my galleryhttp://gallery.unicyclist.com/LAVISs-stuff
I hope to land in these hollidays a 7 foot drop and increase my hop by about 20cm.
If anyone else is trying to improve their skills, attach your photo’s, i like to see other people get better as well,

did u do a 20cm high hop?

my aim is to be able to hop onto 4 palletes by the end of the summer, hmm thats like 24" which is quite high, i cant even get onto 3 yet!!! nearly. how high can you hop? and what was your biggest drop to date?

I can do a 20cm seat in hop quite easily and at the moment my highest hop (on my 24" muni seat out) is about 26 inches. My highest landed drop was about 5 1/2 feet, but i’m eyeing off a 6-7 foot frop to try sometime these hollidays,

ive mastered a 52cm rolling, seat out, seat in, with and without pre hops on my 24" muni. i think ive done higher than that, but i havnt checked into it fully yet (i do all my trials on my muni, being im 2 poor 2 get a dedicated trials one) and the biggest drop ive done was a 6ft which bent my cranks, but i managed 2 ride off afterwards :smiley:

26" is awesome Mark, and that’s on a 24" uni! Have you tried on a trials uni? Hurry up and move to Brisbane…I want to go riding with you again! :slight_smile:


I’ve also been working on my hopping hieght alot. I can consitently do a 16 inch high hop with prehops or with a rolling hop and once landed an 18 hop. However, I have alot of trouble with seat out hops. I can only make 14 inches.

Also, what is the difference between a rolling hop and a hop with no prehops? If you are no rolling of pre-hopping before the jump, what are you doing?

as of this morning i can now hop onto 3 palletes, im working on a rolling hop onto them now, my aim of a 24" hop is drawing slightly nearer

I did 31inches or 79cm hop over a bar and maybe more on a ledge…but I dont land it :slight_smile: …maybe next ride!!!

Andrew, I havn’t done a measured hop on a 20" but soon i might be able buy a gp trials- splined hub/cranks but with a yuni frame. Yeah same i want to go riding with you back up to brisbane. I might have to organise another holliday up there sometime.
My highest hop before seat out was pathetic but all you have to do is persevere for a while and you’ll never go back. I guess i also use a prehop when i do my seat out high hop- in the fact that my last balance hop it larger than the rest.
uni412- Soon your seat out hop will be better than your seat in. the reason that seat out hops are so effective is because you can compress your body more meaning you can lift the wheel higher off the ground without necesarily having to jump higher.
At the moment i really need to work on rolling hops, recently i managed to hop up a 3 set of stairs.

at moab i rolling hoped on to a 30 inch high rock and landed it clean, that was on my kh 24, i also can seat out side hop with prehop 30 inches. my freind ryan can hop 40 inches.

Hey Zach thats awesome. Do you recon you could post some pics so i can see how i could improve etc. Thanks,

*Zack (sorry)

just managed a few personal bests today… i did a 60cm+ rolling hop (just short of 24") and a 54cm static hop…i was on a wicked rolll…i love days like that

unicyclistjoe- Wellingtons Best Unicyclist? Haha, I seem to remember schooling u on more than one trials line last night!

Must be pretty close ay, how do we settle it? See what the other RSU ppl think?

K, everyone vote (pick me!), who’s better judging by this non-bias and extensive skills account

Petes skills:
-rolling hop: 55cm (but not consistent)
-static seat in or out: fifty something cm
-willing to jump up and over park benches (the ones where u have to clear (or delicately land on top of) the back-rest bit)
-cleared park benches from the top (need photo really)
-done THAT skinnie across the water twice (photo pending)
-pretty good at seat out skills (dan heaton drop the seat down and flick it back up move etc.)
-wheel walk about 15m
-1ft ww (at least) 5m
-PEDAL GRABS to rubber
-crank grabbed to something over a metre (once)
-50 hops on skinnie thing :stuck_out_tongue:
-keen for semi-technical “somewhere under 1.5m” drops with gaps (ankles won’t take much higher)
-unbeaten in “annual civic square stairs race” (vs joe)
-not willing to ride skinnies where could be certain death or quite likely ruining cellphone goin for swim at the drop of a hat
-drops in on quaterpipe at skateparks
-better at hoppin on wheel
-1ft ride easy, either feet… even along ledges
-best at extreme downhill MUni
-worse at extreme uphill MUni
-suicide mount on ledges
-consecutive crankflips
-seat drag for a few pedals
-owns more unicycles than joe (great skill to have)

Joes skills:
-rolling hop: 60cm (or thereabouts)
-static 50 something cm hops (bout the same?)
-not willing to clear the park benches
-habitually rides ludicrously high things that pete won’t dare stand on (or look at) never mind the uni
-hasn’t done THAT skinnie across the water
-16 hops on skinnie thing (the things that stop cars from goin too far in carparks)
-hasn’t got much game with the “drop the seat” shinanigans
-can’t pedal grab (more specifically, can’t get up to rubber from pedal) but CAN crank grab solidly (in places where a mistimed “jump to rubber” could mean death!
-drops from stuff a foot or so higher than pete
-wheel walks about 5-10m further than pete and can get back to pedals
-1ft ww about the same
-tends to get more rounds of applause
-doesn’t drop in at skatepark
-1ft ride easy, either feet… even along ledges… where a fall would be reasonably disasterous (long drop to water with ledges and things to fall on, on the way down)
-can gap a bit further than pete (lately, and slightly unconfirmed)

haha, thats almost everything

Oh, I go backwards a bit more often than him too. So does he deserve to keep his avatar saying thing as “Wellingtons best”?

Yeah thought not :stuck_out_tongue:


joes ‘other skills’

  • did more ‘idling while juggling’ than pete at annual competition

  • currently in posession of petes other uni

  • static 55cm hop (i did the waterfront things yesterday pete)

  • doesnt ‘nearly cry’ when people better than him get on things that could mean certain death (see photo below)

  • didnt break thumb hopping up a 15cm curb

  • rolling hopped 3 stair set (up)

  • can do both pirouettes and spins (on a muni no less)

  • rode so extreme at moonride that he broke spokes

  • 67cm seat out crank stall to seat out rubber

so yea…cough vote for me end cough

I’ve rolling hopped up a 3set before too, did one in the wet at Aeotea Square in Auckland.

Just to show I’m not bitter I’ve written a song, just for Joe.

I call it “Wellingtons best dabber”

“dab dab dab, all day long
dab dab dab while I sing this song
i’m gonna dab my feet
gonna fail the line
gonna watch pete clear it fine
all day long”


NOT bitter? NOT bitter? tooooo far…