highest drop on a torker lx?

i droped off a 5 foot 4 inch weel chair ramp railing to flat yesterday anybody done anything bigger on an lx?

Your lx won’t last doing that.

your unicycle is dying my friend
how bent is it?

it was ok this time but before i do it again im gonna get something splined

That’s awesome, man…I did about a four foot drop on a 20" beginner savage…thats even weaker than the LX.

Dude I’d start to save up for a dx. I did shit like that and now I’m on a bc wheel. I did a few 5 footers though.

I bet I could do 6’ to flat concrete on a stock 20" lx and not break anything.

200lbs 6 foot drop only thing that happened was that my cranks bent on about 3 degrees. beat that!

oo yah onto wood chips. forgot that part.

to concrete seatin no roll out

All I did was hit a root going downhill and bent mine… granted I’m bigger than most here at 225… but after that I wouldn’t be doing anything bigger than a curb.

i know a kid who has jumped a seven set on his but he doesn’t weight much.

my situation is about the same

5 1/2 foot drop to flat
on a 20" lx w/ 175s!!!
i weigh 130