higher than 100cm competition

Anyone willing to compete with me? right now my maximum is one meter sidehop. maybe someone is close to my sidehop that wants a little competition?
well, heres your chance.


Hello. I would like to compete, but not sure if I can. I’ve gotten my tire up to 40in before, but have never really landed that. It’s been a while so I’m back to around 35in or so.

If you’ll let me compete, I’m in, I not sure if others would want me in though. It’s your call.

Im in !! My max is 100.5cm :p.I just need to find somewhere decent to try it cause my pallets are small and they fall over

idk, i might be in for it, but its getting into winter here, so its too cold out. (not too cold for me, i fair well in the cold, but my tire cant do a thing, nor can my trials set.

still watching, waiting to see if any others are interested…
this is exciting.
I have msn

oh yea, you guys should get all the pallets you need.
I’ve got 7european ones and drag them in and out of my garage with my car to the street and back. lol, its the only way I can do it without making anyone mad or pallets getting in the way of my family. took a few weeks to find that solution.
Or get whatever you need to compete. maybe you can find a good spot around town. I have used this place behind my grocery store. it had pallets and a even light for night jumping.
or maybe a ledge and you could add a pallet or two to it to increase height.
maybe your property has some concrete/asphault area to put pallets on?


Ill find some sort of way to do it.I just need to do something to my pallets to stop them falling.How many times have you got 100 ? Ive only got it twice

i might have some tables i can do it on. My friend too some sketchy measurements with this really really sketchy ruler, and it was over 100cm. (i seriously dont know if thats the real height, since the ruler was in inches and cm, and it was like 3cm to an inche at one part.

Start the Competition

well I have got 100cm only once but I feel confident that I can go higher. thats why I made this thread to push myself and others.

new people may join at any time.

I think its time we start the competition and I think its time for all unicyclists to start jumping higher.

Competition Rules:

  1. Only submit sidehops 100cm or larger.
  2. Only 100% honest jumps only. So do the sidehops with the measuring tape already measuring the jump then grab your camera and show proof after the completed sidehop. show bottom and top of the tape.
  3. Centimeters only.
  4. Film the sidehop and and measuring the jump on the same clip.
  5. no old information. only brand new stuff. The focus is on whats to come not what has been.

once a sidehop is submitted we are all expected to reply to it with another sidehop. If someone gets one centimeter higher than you… just jump one centimeter higher than them. If you cant jump higher, reply to it with a new personal record or just over 100cm.

You may call people out. But its understood that if someone is jumping higher, they are already calling you out.


39.37 in? Wow…Ummmm I peaked at 36, but tell ya what Joe, I have no camera…I call you out! Not just in sidehops, I call you out to my house! Come ride and we can compete this lil game face to face my brother!

ok heres the starting video http://vimeo.com/2254253 I know i didnt measure.Sorry about that i forgot after i fell off and it counts cause i was up there for more than 3 seconds.You can see its 104 anyway.When i next do a hop for this i WILL measure

Its only 4cm more but it looks a lot bigger then your 100cm hop.


lol wow it does.I think its cause of where the camera is,how dark it is and it looks wider than the widescreen should be.


its ok for not measuring as you did fall and your pallets are sketchy.
I bet you could go higher with better pallets. you would be more secure in your jump and more trusting of the landing.

Ok everybody. that means your next. post a 100cm or post something higher than 104cm. Remember to film the sidehop and and measure the jump on the same clip. so keep the measuring tape on the pallets.

I will be posting ASAP for sure once my knee feels better. I just fell at the skatepark. not even on my unicycle. It was a skateboard.

Lesson learnt.

I’ll post when I can. Maybe tomorrow. If I find something high enough.

It might not be a few days till I can do the sidehop. woke up this morning and I cannot walk very well from falling yesterday. :frowning: I am sorry guys. Soon I will be well.

Alright, I’ll be getting some pallets in a nice super sturdy set up in my yard this week, maybe. Should be aweosme. Maybe tomarrow! I’ll also be able to pick up some plywood to fashion myself a bit of a jumping plat form ontop of the pallets.

I want to join :smiley:
I can jump 97 cm and almost 1m :roll_eyes:

Ya your perfect for the competition. The highest so far is 104cm. Try as hard as you can to get in a 100cm. Make sure you follow the rules so no one can question the height.

My knee is still in pain and I plan on taking on 105cm when I get back to health!

heres higher than 100.
sorry it took me forevre to post