higher SI= higher SIF?

I was wondering…

I’ve heard a lot of people say,

“Get good at SI before you try SIF”

Well, I can only do 2 pallets SI (30cm), but SIF I can do 52 cm.

Would increasing my SI height increase my SIF?

Why don’t you try it out?

Not to be mean or anything, but you’re gonna find out one way or another.

Go experiment with it.

My guess is that the two aren’t that related. Seat in and seat in front are two different types of jumps, and I personally don’t think one affects the other. Its really just practise… As your riding experience progresses, so will your hops, and no matter what you practise more, they will both progress, maybe one more than the other though.

You can get good just using SIF right away, but progression will be slow. However, if you develop your SI first, when you switch to SIF you will progress a lot faster. SI helps you learn your balance between pedals that is necessary for good SIF riding. Good riders use both.

If you want to get good at SIF fast, learn seat drags or seat pushes and learn to do them standing tall, and squatting low.

Most recomend you get good at SI (~60 cm) before focusing on SIF because there are a lot of areas you need to improve before it becomes a big advantage (like riding skinnies, technical lines, etc.) that you are likely to have by the time you can hop that 60 cm.

Easyier said than done. I have tried seat pushes/drags quite a bit but almost never can make more than about 3 quarters of a rev. Im pretty good at hopping SIF though (well I can hit 90cm pretty easy) I can however ride backwards SIF quite wel and can easily ride forward SIF.

I tell people that there is little point learning to hop SIF untill you can hit 50-60cm SI. This is because I believe the techniques for SI and SIF hopping at that hight are very similar. Learning to hit 60 SI helps you develop the controll that you need for SIF. Higher than 50-60ish, even with a low seat, I think you start to get limeted abit by not being able to add as much tuck. If you turn to SIF now you should find your overal controll is better, that you will pick up SIF pretty quick and that with the extra tuck you can get you will be able to add more hight to your side hops.

Also having a good SI hop as well as a good SIF hop is very useful so why not train your SI sidehop for those times when you realy need it?

most people suck at riding SIF at first, until they get good at that they won’t be able to hop, you are presumably better than most ppl who can jump 30cm (1 foot or so) at SIF, so you’re better at SIF hopping.

i’m way better at SI than SIF, i can hit well over 30" SI, but sometimes i have trouble w/ 24-26" obstacles SIF… its all your style. i like SI better, maybe you like SIF better?

Well over 30" static or rolling? If it’s static that’s pretty high.

I can get 52cm SI and like 30 SIF. But I’ve hardly practised SIF at all lol. I will now that my SI height is decent.

I can get 60 something si static, on the other hand i suck at rolling hops…
sif i can get like 75-85, i like sif better because it feels easier, but of course i practice SI because its very handy in some lines!

how do you get SI high, do you lower your seat? what is it?
It seems hard because you can’t tuck

well between my seat and my diamonds there’s like 10 cm or something, and then just do a prehop and get all the bounce from the tire that you can get, and then lean forward when you’re going towards the object you’re hopping on, dont hop facing the object, let the object be on your side.


today I added 10 cm. to my SI record. almost 16

How do you do seatdrags anyway the are UNPOSSIBLE! :astonished:

I agree.

And when I hop SI I just do a really hard prehop and pull up on the seat as hard as I can. I don’t have the seat too low because I don’t want to have to hunch over too much to reach it.

i still have a little trouble with seatdrags, i can do them sometimes, but other times i have trouble with them. i have no problem with seat pushes tho, they are pretty easy now.
now whats hard is holding onto the seat and doing a seat push.