high top shoes

before anyone complains about posting this in the wrong forum i believed it belonged here.

back on topic,after my recent ankle injury that has resulted in me getting a over-all ankle infection that has left me being unable to walk for 3 weeks,ive wondered how to avoid this happening again.

the souloution i think is hightop shoes i want the oppinon of someone and how/if they effect riding,before you say chop the bottoms of football shinpads ive thought about that and it isnt the soloution,i have also looked at those five ten shoes and i dont believe they will solve the problem.

the shoes im interested in are the nike dunks they have good ankle protection,and have a flat base like a skate shoe.

oh i ride trials and street if that helps.


so… what’s the question???

It’s a great shoe. I feel safe in them. But it sounds like to need to tape your ankles.
Look in to ankle braces with the side stirrups. High tops will support those.

I have these:

I love them they’re strong and they’re designed for skate with flat soles etc.
These are mids but they stop me from getting ankle bites, I prefer the mid over the high anyways allows for more comfortable movement.

Yeah, there’s a lot of mid or high top shoes. I just bought these mid:
A lot of nike air shoes come in mid or high top but there are others out there too. A lot of skate/bmx brands come in mid/high top.

buy ankle biters and then you don’t need new shoes and they’re meant to stop pedals

I have the best fix.

I got found a pair of soccer shinguards, that had a removable ankle protection thing. I just take of the shinguard and I feel completely safe.

Does this come as a pair or do you have to buy two of them? I’m assuming you have to buy two.

They come as a pair.

They are pretty sweet and work well. After a lot of use, the plastic base can start to rip apart, but thats supposed to go under the insert of your shoe anyway, so that doesnt affect much.

i’m ordering the Nike Air Mogan Mid’s they come in mens too, i noticed the ankle protection, the flat bottoms, and the strap that should keep my laces out of the way

I’m with raymanh. Apparently there’s an existing injury with a story, but you left out the story. If it’s in another thread you could put in a link here (it’s possible to link directly to specific posts in a thread too). Was your infection from a surface wound or internal damage?

well heres the full story,it was a long weekend i went to a party on the friday i dont no what i did it sort of hazy,saturday i went unicycling for the day i was doing street and whacked my ankles a few times,saturday night i went to a 5 hour dance party and in the last hour of the dance party i couldnt walk so i went home and it hurt to even put water on it.the next day it was swollen about 3 times as normal and there was a purple an red line that slowly was going further and further from my ankle,i still couldnt walk so i went to the hospital.they just gave me some antibiotics and a walking stick.there was no cut or wounds on my ankle that the infection could get into.the next few days i just chilled at home and did nothing but the infection didnt go down so after a week i went to the doctor and talked to them they asked me what i had done the weekend before i told them unicycle and party they thought it could be due to the ankle whacking from unicycling or from a spider bite friday but thats pretty much ruled out now,so the next day i went back to the doctors and he shoved a fat needle in my ankle(most painfull experience of my life)it still hurt to put water on it so i wasnt having the best time,he drained 50ml of pus and fluid from my ankle not including all the stuff that oozed out after,he then got a razor blade and made incisions all over my ankle,he then gave me new antibiotics that are for bone infections.well thats the full story now i am left not being able to do anything for a few weeks till my ankle fully recovers but before i start unicycling again i want to find a soloution so this doesnt happen again.

oh and im not looking into getting ankle guards or anything im just trying to figure out a simpler soloution before making this anymore compicated.but thanks anyway

Ankle biters arent complicated. Put them in, and next time youre tying your shoes you just strap the velcro down.

But if the extra 10seconds for each shoe is too much work, then just get hightops, or a biking shoe with ankle protection built into it.