High tension

I find my spokes were tightened too much (about 165kgf and over) when I unmounted the tire. I remember when I built the wheel… laced the 36" carbon rim and tightened to 110kgf the disc side, than mount the tire, than tighten the tire insert (which released a bit spokes’s tension), than set it tubeless (which released some spokes’s tension), than test ride, than tightened the spokes again with the tire already set and reached again 110 or 120 kgf.
Now I know that this wheel were perfectly stiff and true, but when I release the air and removed the tire I had the spokes’s tension so high that I’m luck that my rim survived. Do I need to untighten the spokes before releasing the air or am I mistaking something? I consider not to tighten the spokes after tubelessing, but the disc side were about 80kgf (cannot remember exactly), but I remeber the non disc side which seemed like riding on loose spokes

I’ve never known anyone to re-tension once a tyre is mounted and inflated.

Sure you can check for true, and adjust as needed, but I’d not be increasing the tension.

I’d be surprised if the non-disk side went from 110/120 down to 80, but I’m also surprised that you felt 80 to be low.

The disc side went from 110-120 to 80! The non disc side went from (don’t know) to really loose!

And I am speaking about a tubeless setup which is different from a tubed setup. In the latter the tube expands outside mainly so it doesn’t doesn’t affect the rim. In a tubeless setup you’ll always find your spokes detensioning a bit due to the air pushing either the tire and the rim.
A 100m disc hub 36" inch wheel makes me nervous about the disc side spokes almost vertical so I prefer having the spokes at 110 (with the tire installed) than at 80 when ready to ride… that is way I check tension everytime I tubeless a uni (also after the first test ride and the spokes stress released)

I found this: https://cyclingtips.com/2021/06/why-tubeless-tyres-cause-spoke-tension-drop/
So now I know that:
High PSI wheel must be tubed.
Tubeless only with lower PSI (more XC oriented wheel)
Brauss rim are strong
I prefer 125mm disc hub for 36er build
Never retension after building your wheel (so prefer higher building tension ranges because you can lower it when inflating)

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