High school talent show victory

This is the link to the video of me winning the sentinel high school talent show this year as a sophmore… at the begining we had a little microphone trouble but oh well I also fell twice which was a bummer but I still wowed them!!

Great Job man. I think its great that your getting out there on stage and showing your school what you can do! Nice hop twists and jumping rope.
I hope to see more videos from you in the future:)

i would do the same at my high school but ON MY OWN. like me holding the jumprope and hopping, with no hands. i can hop w/out hands like 3 times at the moment, so i’m close.

Great job! Nice giraffe skills too. I live in Georgia now, but went to Sentinel High School as a sophomore back in 1983-1984. I need to get back to Missoula for a visit sometime.

Keep up the great work!

Very cool Jace you own’d it, good job! :slight_smile:

of coarse you won, you’re really skilled!

Nice one! and I think the outfit gave you the edge as well :wink: hehe

You bet it did.:slight_smile:

Awesome. You have a flair for showmanship. Don’t sweat the falls; they just added drama. If it looks too easy, the audience will get bored.

It looked really cool! I wish there would be a talent show at my school too! I could to the exact same thing and win! There was one at my primary school but the teachers didn’t told me, they just said it to some person… there was a guy on a uni but he couldn’t turn and freemount, I was way better than him!:stuck_out_tongue:

got a friend of mine that can do all the cross arm and twist tricks with a rope on a uni : ) he’s a good jump roper outside of unicycle.

Thighs of steel . . . .

I can hop no handed, but haven’t tried rope yet : )