High Rollin' Off-Road 36'er Romp

Had a sweet romp in the woods near my home on the KH 36’er. First time off-road. Loved it. On the way home I had my “shoelace in the pedal” encounter but alas … not on film. Took a beatin’ on that fall! Still got a sore thigh. Whaaaa#**@##
Stop for a snack in the woods … tea and Coffee Crisp. M-m-m-m-m-m-
Whooooo Buddy
I sure appreciate all you Unist’s watching and tolerating my marginalism…

Haha, aren’t 36er’s a blast! Loved th end where your helmet goes on! Was that in reverse? :slight_smile:

Looks like you’ll be chasing down MTB’s in no time.Hope the sore bits become a bit less sore.:slight_smile:

hahahahaha … good video. Definitely put a smile on my face this morning… thanks !!

I like the running into the tree at the end. The backward segments came out interesting.
Cant get Coffee Crisp eh. Pity

Well done! I hope you’ll recover from your shoe lace accident quickly.

I put 150mm cranks on my 36er yesterday and had a lot of single track muni fun in the hilly parts of the woods. It’s been very exciting and so different from short cranked pavement riding. I wish I could get dual holed cranks for my square tapered hub.

Awesome video.

I’ve yet to get my 36’er onto the trails, can’t wait to one of these days.

What a fun vid!! Thanks for the early morning entertainment!

I love the contrast between the low rollin’ UPD and your encounter with the tree. We know you see the tree. But what apparition did you trip on that made you go low rollin’? :smiley: Those take me by surprise UPD’s are the best.

Ohhh yes. I liked the trail stuff more than I would on the 36er.
Naw … I just roll the helmet to my head. I usually do it with a hat but the helmet works perfect.

Thankee. I aim to catch up with 'em!

That is the best … my intention worked.
An appreciative nod from this end.

Yeah, my fake tree crash! The backward in the beginning looked fun to me so I left it.
I LOVE Coffee Crisp.

Still have scabs from that fall!!!
The Piney Woods call you…

Thanks… I got an awesome. Too cool.
Yeah, it is a fun roll in the woods. Go soon…

Mucho Obligato! Thanks.
The “natural” upd was just a little, little hump.
Glad you caught the fake fall …hard to do on the 36