High Roller

I bought a 24 x 2.7 Maxxis High Roller the other day and went to fit it on my KH 24 wheel. I noticed one of the spokes had broken - the wheel was creaking recently so that explains that.

Because of the spoke I decided to fit the new tyre on a Nimus 24 wheel that I had with a Halo Twin Rail tyre on it. I was a bit concerned because the last time I fitted the Nimbus wheel/halo combination I spent the whole of my regular 3.6 mile morning ride with my right shoulder skewed round and leading the way - I just couldn’t get comfortable and balanced. So I was thinking that the problem might be that the Nimbus rim is significantly narrower than the KH 47mm rim.

Anyway, the High Roller/nimbus combination was fab. The unicycle felt light, quiet and responsive; a lot less heavy than with the stock KH wheel and, now well worn, 3" Duro tyre. I really enjoyed my ride this morning - just thought I’d share.

While I’m here: I have a KH20 and KH24. A KH/schlumpf hub will cost me the same as a KH26 and KH29. What would you do, buy the geared hub for my KH24 or buy two more Kris Holm machines for my uni-stable?

I don’t think a KH26 is a valuable purchase if you have a KH24 and KH29. You’d be better off doing a KH29 and KH36 (or Coker Big One).

Generally, if you’re not sure you want a Schlumpf, don’t get one. It would add slop and two pounds of weight to your “light and responsive” 24" KH. Unless you have a specific goal in mind for a geared 24", you’d be better off having more options for less money.

Halo Twin Rail

The Halo Twin Rail can be a little squirrely to ride. I got a white one for doing some TV shoots. My LBS warned me and tried to talk me out of ordering it. You can get the hang of it or maybe shave the rails down. I do change the tyre out if I loan it to some one else.

I didn’t mean it all to be blue, but that’s the way it is in it’s present guise.

that is super nice looking. not a fan of the blue rim :P. you are quite tall 6ft plus?

A mere 6’1" - that’s a 350mm Pit Fighter II and I have to have it about as high as it will go with the thin KH Street saddle, Sam Hill 5.10’s and non padded shorts.