High Roller

Beautiful day for some fun cokering at the beach! I used four filming methods; Follow tracking, tripod, pov and ucc–car tag! :astonished: Should be ready for more extreme riding soon, now that me ankle is almost healed. :smiley:

                                                                                                                                              Wooo! This marks my [U]200th[/U] video! :D:):o

Great video as always Terry. You might have to give the follow cam operator a drink prior to filiming just to help reduce some of their shakeness.

Haha thanks. The follow tracking was a spur of the moment thing; the filmer was just someone at the beach I asked to do it. But it sure illustrates just how dramatically smoother the ucc is than pretty much anything else. And the follow tracking was on smooth, paved ground! Even the most professional helmet cam stuff on trails is still bumpy & shaky. :smiley:

Looks like fun terry. I’m gonna have to get me one of dem dere unicycles!

yeah they are so fun and I love mine, but I’m going to sell it.

Eying up a new KH36 are we?

Like a laser beam! :sunglasses:

I’m very happy with my KH 36. I have added the new seat, KH handle bar and Magura brake.

As a long time rider of 36’ers you will probably notice a great difference in the stability of the frame.

Plus I’m guessing the splined hub & cranks will last much longer than the square taper, and withstand drops a lot better…within reason, lol.

Nice Terry!
I got a ride in today and busted a brake line… garsh!
always love your vids.

Thanks Sean. How did you “break your brake”? Is it hydraulic or a cable type? I’m guessing hydraulic and that’s happened to be also, but on my MUni. On my old magura set up, the crossover cable connectors we aluminum, and very prone to breaking. My current set up has steel connectors, and I haven’t had any problems whatsoever. I think udc calls it the “plasmatic” crossover and it’s really a lot beefier and stronger. :slight_smile:

Clearly the “follow cam” is a helium filled balloon.

Congratulations on your double century Terry.Regarding your plans to sell your 36er to upgrade I really think you should keep it for prosperity,I’m sure you would have room in one of those sheds of yours and after all you and that uni have been through it deserves to be looked after.:slight_smile:

lol Way to show those two wheeled freaks a thing or two! Man, they just wouldn’t move… Once again great video and riding! 200 vids and I hope more to come. :slight_smile:

Dang, now everybody knows the secret! :wink: (hey that’s actually not a bad idea! :slight_smile: )

Thanks. I think you have a good point, plus I can keep it as a loaner or back up! :smiley:

Thanks! I’ll keep making videos until I get it right, lol! :o

Will the 125 ml cranks be short enough for you? I believe you normally use a shorter crank than that. Or are you able to obtain a shorter crank arm for ISIS hubs other than the KH ones?

I think the KH 36er comes with a dual 110/125mm moment crank option. Single hole moment 110mm is also available.

I love this stuff! - its great to watch :sunglasses:
You will know what I mean Terry when I say the closing seconds of expressive facial close-ups provide excellent visuals for a certain Unigeezer alter-ego :wink: :smiley:

I was not aware of that combination but I now see it listed on the UDC web site. I have enough trouble with the 125’s so won’t be going with anything shorter in the near future, but nice to see the options available for you more experienced riders.

Actually, I think your 125’s are the best all-around choice. I have 127’s on my 36er now since I’m doing some climbing practice in prep for this weekend, and I might even go to 150’s.