High Quality Steel Bearing Caps needed

I need a few steel bearing caps for a frame I’m building. I don’t want the cheapo pressed caps on UDC. If anyone has any outlet info please pass along.

You can use shaft collars, available from such place as RS. A little tricky to weld to, but give a strong bearing hold.

You can also mill the ID of the shaft collar to create a lip on one or both sides of the collar to hold the bearing. Several different frames have used shaft collars as bearing holders. The DM Vortex used a shaft collar and the GB4 (George Barnes) frames too.

Just be aware that some brands of shaft collars have a very recessed hole for the screw heads. The metal ends up very thin under the bolt head because of that. It is vulnerable to being cracked or pulled through. That has happened to a few people. So take a look at the various different shaft collars and see how much material there is under the bolt head and if you’re comfortable with that particular shaft collar design.

I was looking at different collars, but I didn’t want to have to get it milled. If that’s the only way I guess I’ll have do it.

Anyone have easy access to a mill? Want to make some bearing caps? I’m sure I’m not the only person looking for some…

It sucks that no one sells a quality replacement cap for unis.

Surly should at least sell the bottom cap.

I was looking just at the different collars (again…). and I was thinking… Is the ony reason for milling is so the bearings want move from side to side? If so… I’m guessing I can just add a small ring around the outside of the collar and do the samething. What do you think?

well that would make them el cheapo caps surely?

in that case just buy the ones off UDC… maybe send KH unicycles an email

Yeah that’s why you mill them, the one’s i’ve seen used had a small piece of sheet metal welded on to each end to stop the bearings moving from side to side, this presumably would be easier for you to do.

Yes, the lip is to keep the bearing from moving side to side, actually it’s the frame moving on the bearing because the bearing stays in place on the hub.

I have ridden prototype frames that had no lip on either side of the bearing. The frame would slide inwards (towards the hub) under hard pedaling load. The forces tend to make the frame want to move inwards so a single lip on the outside is all that is really necessary.

Welding a ring, or even just half of a ring, on the outside of a shaft collar would make a perfectly functional lip. No need to mill the ID to create a lip. Welding on a lip would achieve the same purpose.

One thing to be aware of though is that shaft collars tend to be relatively heavy. They will add noticeable weight to your frame. You can consider drilling it out like Swiss cheese to lighten it up. Just don’t drill it out so much that it gets weak spots.

when I’m done you won’t see any thing but a lip. It should look like it’s been milled. Plus they still wouldn’t be stamp steel.

That’s good to know. I was thinking just the opposite. But I may put a lip in and out just for safety.

I should be ordering tubing next week. Unless I hit another bump. I have the jig all planed put and I take photos as I go along.