high pressure tire

Does anyone ride at 100 psi or higher? What kind of rim and tire do you have? Does any company make a hill climbing unicycle anymore? Mine is rusted out and needs replacement. Looking for a 700c at > 100 psi on a lightweight frame.

Commercially prebuilt narrow tyred unis are usually built on a “26 inch” wheel to meet the IUF 24.3 inch standard. These are mainly meant for track racing like the Nimbus E-sport

However low volume high pressure tyres are not very forgiving on rough surfaces.

You will probably need a custom build. There is a good thread on this site.


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There is not many 700c production unicycle but you may get lucky on one shop doing a custom build.

Your best bet would be to build your own. You start with your favorite 700c rim and tire. Just make sure your rim has 36 holes (most common on unicycle hubs) or at worst 32 holes.

And from there, you get it built on a unicycle hub and you buy the rest of the part on UDC for example.

You can have a look at the Building a true 700c uni.

Have fun =)

high pressure tire

Thanks for the info. Time for a new custom hill climber.

For road hill climbing it might be a good idea to keep the Q factor low. Besides picking the right cranks you may also build it around a 92mm hub. UDC still offers those, even an ISIS version.

Of course that also affects your frame choices.