High on unicycle!

you are a TWAT.


Trust me, you don’t wanna know./ LOL

Lol, more of tht british slang again. Incidently, you really don’t want to know.

Hmmm. Tell that to someone who’s using weed on doctors prescription.

If you replace “smoking pot” for “abusing alcohol” I could agree.
As alcohol is destructive and addictive.

Even 80% all medical weed in the pharmacy contains too much badly organisms and germs. Same for fish in the supermarket.

And, ever found out about what “light” sigarettes do to your longs? Still they legal for sale!

Disclaimer: I’ve never ever used weed, and the occasions I’ve been drinking alcohol in the last decade can be counted on one hand. Maybe even on one single finger. I do NOT like to stimulate the use of any soft- or hard-drugs, just put things in the right perspective

Really? Try telling that to a potential employer after failing a p*ss test…

I don’t agree with drug screening, but I care more about being able to get a job than getting a cheap thrill by killing brain cells.