High Jumps?

Anybody have any suggestions on how to jump higher? I can hop SI and SIF, but all I can really clear are high curbs. Any suggestions?

If all you can clear at the moment is curbs I wouldnt worry about hopping SIF, Keep practising SI, the key to jumping high is having a good ballence between feet. You will probably learn this easier hopping SI. If you find when you try and jump high SIF your unicycle just flys from underneath you, that is because you are jumping with uneaven pressure on your feet. Just keep practicing and graduly move onto higher obsticles. Make sure your seat isnt so high you can barly bend your legs. Concentrate on throwing your body up and tucking on landing and get ballenced before your hop. If you are out of controll before your hop it normaly messes up your whole hop. Before you go for it slow your hops down, get ballenced, lean in and go for it. Also, look up at were your aiming to land, this helps me alot, especialy on my bigger hops.

Hope it this helps, thats probably all the advice I can give. It will take a long time before you start making 1M hops but all it takes is practice.

I’d agree, I wouldn’t bother with jumping seat-out until you can clear stuff thats fairly high, like two feet or so, with the seat in. I remember when I first started, I tried just about everything to jump higher, but in the end you just need to practice and you’ll get better at it as time goes by.

Sounds good. I can get about a foot and a half now SI. Is it better to take a big prehop or just preload the tire and jump?

Depends. do you just want to go high or do you want some altitude and some distance also?

both really - the other day i was trying to hop up 2 stairs at a time - almost got it once.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjcE4Yc1lCY i watch this a few times doesnt help me any but here ya go

if you want both, think about this… its all in the ankles when it comes to balance in the air… keep your self focused. go out into your living room and jump as high as you can with your ankels. then, start adding the bend of your knee into it. soon youll be able to jump higher then you ever could before. now get on your uni. hop in place, and practice jumping up high curbs. but instead of just jumping onto them, try jumping onto them with distance also. soo, youll ussually find it easy to jump up a curb, but is it so easy to jump up one aaand half the sidewalk too? youll get better and better, start using wood beams in stacks or cinder block and stuff to increse what effort you have to put in. hope it helps a little bit :slight_smile: