High Jumping

Hi all:

Today I built my very own high jump set. For a bar i used a 1 meter long radio antena, and for the holders i used car jack stands. Surprisingly this is the best set i’ve ever seen… The antena is unbreakable because it is extremley flexible. This means that the antena will slip out of the grooves on the jack stands, but not break.

Well anyways, this was my first day of real high jump training! At TOque this year i managed to clear 50cm… which is good for me. Today on the otherhand, i managed to clear 65cm !! and made it over 67cm (with falling). This is a 17cm improvment in a month and a half.

To achieve this, i have been practicing jumping with my seat out infront, and focusing on a quick pull up of the tire. I found that the quicker i can pull up the tire the higher i can jump…

Now my question is: To be able to jump 80cm+, is the trick to pull the seat up extremely fast??? Or is there a technique that i’m not useing? Can an experienced jumper help me out please??

Budd White

good job. how long have u been riding?

I’ve been riding for 3 years, but doing trials and high jump for one year.

The first thing about high jumping is to not do it over a bar. You will never need to jump over a flexible radio antenna in trials, so don’t practice it.

As for the actual technique, it comes with practice. Not mindless, stupid practice, but analytical practice. Do a jump, and then think about what you did right or wrong. Then fix things and do it again. Do jumps onto a ledge or pallete stack. You will improve that way. None of the people who do massive over-a-bar jumps practice jumping over a bar, it’s just the skill is transferrable.

Try rolling hops. They are much easier to land once you clear the bar.