High jump

What is the best way to jump higher? i know i have to practise and i do… but i cant jump more than 56 cm… :thinking:

this might help

just practice!

thanks for the video, yea i know i have to practise and i do :wink: :smiley:

any tips to hop SIF cuase i can only hop seat in and can’t get to high only like 30 35 cm

SIF will feel really wierd at first. just like starting to ride did, but just stick to it, and it will become natural.

thanks i will keeep trying and hopefully get it:D

i’ve had a look at ryan atkin’s tutorial and have seen countless people hopping, but i’m still wanting to improve my technique. i am currently hopping 42cm, but whenever i hop i don’t use a prehop, it’s from static. i imagine that if i were able to utilise a prehop, i could get way more height, using it like i would a run-up if i were jumping on foot. however every time i try, … well let’s just say that it doesn’t work at all and i cant get ANY height at all.:frowning: does anyone have any tips for me?

Start over.

USe a prehop and tuck just to get up one pallet, then two pallets. Work up aggressively to where you are normally at, and by then you should have the feel and technique of the prehop down, then add that to your tuck, and start practicing going higher.

Practice really is key, and you should be pretty dedicated to landing something before going back home. Ive been out in a parking lot with a stack of pallets, a cut on my thigh causing my whole thigh to get pretty bloody, sweaty and hungry, but I was out there for about 2 hours constantly trying until I got it.

I got 52cm. static the other day

Woah! I did too, SI.
I think I need to learn SIF now…

when i was jumping SI i couldn’t jump more than 50cm… then i learned to jump SIF and i jump 73cm now… :smiley: