High Jump

Whats a height to be excetied about for an average rider? I have made somewhere around 15", is that descent?


Actually jumping up 15" would be ascent. Descent would be going down. :slight_smile:

Thats pretty average height. :slight_smile:

I think being able to get 2 feet, or a little more, so around 24"-28" is a good goal to go for.

sometimes i could hop 2ft high…i havent done it for a while though…

Yeah i think 2 feet is the mark to hit. Before that its not that great. Sorry. I can just barely get 2 ft sometimes so im not that good.

yea i get around 24-28, but i dont see how ppl can get even higher than that. I personally jump seat in, if i try out, i can never jump as high up.

I jump seat out when I am going for height-
And I have been riding for almost 2 years now-
(P.S.-I have hit 20" now)

If you can jump 28" seat in…you should REALLY practice seat-out. You could get 3 ft more than likely. When i switched from seat in to seat out i gained like 10 inches.

it is so hard to get 3 ft. i can get it regularly but i still have to take a couple of trys usually.

its decent, average for a hard rider

that said, i hit about 24" SIF
well over 30 SI … havn’t measured in a while, but there was a ledge almost waist high to me and I kept BARELY missing it. i guess that was 34" or so…
I hit a measured 80 cm the other day :slight_smile:
6 pallets :slight_smile: