High jump

Hey guys,

has anyone ever built a high-jump bar for a uni?
is there anywhere i can find plans?
All help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, high-jump bars have been built for unicycles. The current world record over a bar is like 95cm. Don’t waste your time building one, as they suck. A high jump bar doesn’t really guage how high someone can jump, because you have to clear the entire uni, rather than simply get the uni up to the height. I had one, and my record for it was like 25", although my onto a ledge record is around 30". If you ask most trials riders they’ll tell you that using a high jump bar is a waste of time. Instead I’d reccomend building some boxes with risers that you can jump onto. That’s what I did.

an easy and cheap idea is to use ribbon

Here’s my high jump bar. :slight_smile:



High jumping is not a waste of time (any more than unicycling is). The world record Gerblefranklin quoted had to come from somewhere. We do it at NAUCC and Unicon. That means there is a world champion of High Jump. We also do Long Jump. There is no world champion for ledge jumping or pedal grabbing.

Clearing a bar is a different technique than landing on a ledge or other object. It’s harder. In fact our high and long jump events are way yarder than their track & field equivalents. We have to land on our wheels and ride away, not on our backs or butts. Hence the less impressive numbers.

I think we first did the High Jump at the USA Convention in 1995 (Bowling Green, OH). The Long Jump debuted at North Bend in 1999.

Ledge jumping would be an interesting competition as well, though the apparatus would probably be harder to build. For High Jump, if you’re at a track you can use pre-existing High Jump equipment, like we did at Unicon X. Otherwise you have to make something. A simple design is two vertical poles with little nails out the back, which you lay a long stick on. You want your side poles to be as far apart as possible, so you don’t destroy them on bad jumps.

The best High Jump rig we’ve had so far may have been the one designed by Mr. Wakae in Japan for Unicon XII. He made two little spring-loaded hooks, that could be raised or lowered at will to set the height. Downward pressure on the bar would snap it off the hooks with no damage, and greater safety than the nail method.

'Tis also a fairly safe idea. Assuming you use some sort of easy to break ribbon.

yeah I only do like 25" inches max on the high jump but I can “easily” do 32" onto a picnic table.

Nevertheless I’m still going to have to practise my rolling hops to get a better frequency of high-jumps.