High jump

I just made a short clip of high jump with my new uni.

Nice job. I’ve been trying to improve my high jump, too. You are much better than me, though. I think I need to lower my seat or start getting better at SIF jumping, because the seat is hitting me in the butt. Looks like you have your seat much lower than mine, plus you are pre-hopping and folding your body. I haven’t been doing very well folding or pre-hopping yet.

I think folding your body makes the biggest difference. I like the hopping tutorial at Relentless by Fate where they say it feels like you’re trying to touch your pedal with your free hand.

Pretty good, if you learn to jump seat out i think you can jump really high :slight_smile:

Nice hops! The new unicycle looks good too!

Hey muni123. I’m about where you were 2 years ago.

How high can you jump now?

Are you using a nimbus blizzard tyre? If so that makes hopping hard, i had one on my kh trials and couldnt hop high at all, put a monty on it and i improved the bounce so much, but i guess it comes down to the rider too.

Nice work btw.

to be honest I haven’t done much hopping. Here it is plus I’ve included a couple other heights as well:
rolling over bar-90cm
side hop over bar (seat in front)-70cm
rolling on to something-95cm
side hop into something-73cm

btw, are you going to unicon?

Nice! Mid 90s is high! I haven’t practiced my rolling hops nearly enough. I don’t think I can break 60. It should be higher than my seat-in side hop, but I’m too chicken to really throw myself at something.

I’ll be at Unicon. It’s going to be great. Are you going to compete in the high jump?

We seem to be at similar abilities so it would be sick to meet up and ride. I’ll send you a pm. Not sure yet if I’m going to go in high jump, I’m signed up but it’s the same day as the cross country warm up day and cross country is my main event.