High Jump Tutorial for beginners by beginner

When I got my nimbus, about 2 weeks ago, I switched over to doing all trials. So I’ve been practicing my high jump a whole bunch.

Now alot of these threads have been made, but all of them tell you the basics on what you already know. But just now learning how to get my hops fairy decent I still remeber the steps I took to getting out of the beginner stage.

So these are the things friends have told me what I’m doing wrong, and what I’ve learned on my own.

1.) Before you even try to jump just hop around next to the object and picture yourself doing it. If you don’t picture yourself doing it you won’t do it. And by doing a whole bunch of bitch runs at it and doing a crankgrab to it or a stutter hop will only tire you out. Some times I even picture myself as like tom pec or ryan atkins before I jump :smiley: .

2.) Make sure your balanced before your pre-hop.

3.) When you do your pre-hop don’t push down on the seat while your trying to jump up. A friend told me I was doing that last night and the second he told me that I didn’t miss a jump once for the rest of the night.

4.) When your coming up from your pre- hop swing your free arm up, and over exxagerate the movement.

5.) When your hopping focus on leaning into the object, not away from the object.

6.) Don’t cry when you fall.

All of these are learning steps I took to getting where my high jump is today. I know I didn’t cover pulling up the seat or how to land, but I never had difficulties with those so I don’t have any experience. I hope this helps and if any others want to add to it feel free.

Thanks for that, that’s going to help me out a lot.

vary helpfull thanks :slight_smile:

i wish i could unicycle as good as kris holm or some1 but i struggle to get more than 4 inches off the ground when i hop! :thinking: