High jump on feet

Can joe hodges and fabian jump 130 cm. without there unicycle?

I was trying to get a 69cm. high jump yesterday on my unicycle and got really close. So then I tried just jumping it without the unicylce and I was barely getting it. I think that if I continue to unicycle I will eventually surpass my regular hopping height.

Yet someone told me when I was a newb on the forum that you’ll never be able to get a higher high jump than what you can do on your feet.

I was under the impression that jumping above your “flat jump” height was impossible.

This also applies to skateboarding. Some people think that some can ollie higher on a skateboard than they can jump. The skateboard, or in this case, unicycle, isn’t going to work like an elevator to get you up there.

the unicycle has comression.

I would say that a mean sidehop would go much higher than on foot, but STATIC with a totaly hard tire would be the same as on foot maybe.

you could mayyybe get a better jump on a unicycle than a STATIC jump from feet but unless you are really that white then you should beat it with a running jump

my max on feet is about the same as my hop with the uni.I dont think many people could hop like a sidehop off the unicycle and get 130 but im not really that sure

Yea were you jumping sideways like you would on a unicycle…cause that would be hard…still could jump higher on feet though I would think

yeh i was jumping sideways and doing a little bounce to get extra height.If i run up and jump up i could get 130 easy i think

I can get 4ft on my fee pretty easy, sticking the landing is hard though. I’ve gotten more a few times, but always dab.