High gear

Doing some high gear muni/xc riding in the Netherlands.

That is some fast riding!
Is it hard to pedal uphill in high gear??
I am Schlumpf curious…

That looked fast!!
I’m sure if you hadn’t put the music over the top we’d have been able to hear you screaming WWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all the way down :smiley:

Going uphill on flat terrain is possible in high gear.
If get to bumpy it’s difficult.

Nice video! Makes me think about doing some muni in the Netherlands some time again :smiley:

I thought that the Netherlands is flat :wink:

Nice video!

So I need a schlumpf hub. I get it. :sunglasses:

I hope to get faster this summer.

What size wheel is that?

Hoping to ride like that is exactly why I recently set up my 26 guni. My local trails appear to be pretty similar to yours, so this is very encouraging.
Great video!

26 inch wheel with 150mm cranks.

If you want to go fast get a light tire.
I use the schwalbe nobby nic 26x2.4 snakeskin it’s only 650 gramm.
Thats my summer tire.
In the winter i switch tire and use the schwalbe muddy mary 26 x 2.5 freeride 990 Gramm.