high GAS price = commute on Coker?

Excellent back to the future reference. In other news I am pretty sure I live across from doc.

It takes me about 25 minits to go 2 miles om my 20" so it shouldn’t take very long to go 4 miles on a coker.

Sounds like he’s measuring it all downhill. :slight_smile: I wonder if he’s using the same measuring metrics the EPA uses? They give numbers that are higher than you can get in real-world driving. Consumers Union has been on their case for years to revamp their system for today’s driving speeds and styles (they still max out at 55 mph for highway mileage).

I’m not moaning, but higher prices are higher prices for everybody, making proportionally similar dents in our finances.

I used to commute 8 miles each way (though not frequently enough). It’s a great way to wake up in the morning! I highly recommend it. If you get sweaty, you can either bring a bunch of clothes to work in a backpack, or once in a while drive and replenish your supply of work clothes.

Is that 5 days per week? That would be 200 miles per week, and 800 miles per month! To me, that is teetering on just plain unfathomable! For me, a single 40 mile 36er ride is EPIC, and much more of a special event, rather than a common, daily thing. Unbelievable! :astonished:

Endurance is an amazing thing. Most people would be lucky to double their speed from what they can do without training unless they drastically improve their mechanical advantage, but endurance can be increased 10000% and more by training alone.

I know I use my commute as base mileage for my endurance training … it sounds like Corbin all the more so!! Although being able to knock out those 20 miles in 1.5 hours … that speaks to either a different commute or a different unicycle than I ride. Crossing my urban county on my direct drive 36er, dealing with traffic and with a few hills thrown in, brings my total mph down below 10. On an unobstructed course I can easily cruise around 13.

4 miles is perfect - you should definitely start doing it. When I got my first Coker (1999) I had a 4.5 or 5 mile commute and it was great. We later moved so it was either 8 or 10 miles each way and that was fine too. My latest office is 14 miles from home and that has turned out to be too far to do daily - I just don’t have the time. I almost have it down to 60 minutes going in (a little downhill), but 28 miles in a day is going to be 2+ hours for me and that’s too much 4 days a week. You will LOVE your commute at 4 miles each way.


Well I’m still waiting to hear from Corbin on this, just for confirmation. 40 miles per day, 5 days a week just seems insane!:o

I guess you haven’t met Corbin.

Yes I have, why? How would simply meeting someone tell you whether or not they could ride a 36er 40 miles per day, lol! :thinking: I’ve ridden MUni with him and many others from the SB MUni group, but I haven’t ridden on any 36er rides with Corbin.

He’s just ignorant of the things that are supposed to limit him (kind of like you)

He also has a schlumpf 36er.

Haha. The emphasis on “supposed”. I do crazy stuff to be sure, but riding one wheel FORTY MILES EVERY DAY is not in my bag of tricks…yet!:stuck_out_tongue: To be honest, I don’t know if that’s something I would even want to do lol! Too much of the same thing I guess. I like mixing it up; Muni, 36er,…CAKE! :slight_smile:

You might if you were training for RTL

I second that emotion.

My “gym commute” is just under 4 miles each way and it’s a great warmup / cooldown for my workout. The ride doesn’t take more than 15 minutes and I barely break a sweat along the way. Of course, it’s a flat ride :slight_smile:

Try a unicycle tour on for size. You don’t have to do 40 miles every day… you can do 50 or 60 instead!

Yeah but I wouldn’t want to wear myself out! I think it is also benificial to crosstrain a bit and also have lighter days or even days off to let your body recover and repair. Same thing when training for a marathon; you absolutely vary the mileage; short speed run one day, semi-long run the next, hill climbing the next; rest day, then a full 26.2 miler. People seriously training for marathons definitley do NOT run 26.2 daily…no way!

But hey, whatever works for you, and mad props to Corbin! But he’s not a mere mortal anyway, so logic doesn’t need to be applied to him!:wink:

LOL! I don’t commute every day. Like I said, I post most of my rides (but not all) on my blog. http://www.corbinstreehouse.com/blog . Today’s isn’t up, but I rode to work today. Sometimes I shorten my commute by driving down highway 17.

As Mike said, I’m doing it mainly as training for RTL. I’m only doing it twice a week right now, but I’m going to up it more as the weeks go on. It takes too much time for me to realistically commute by unicycle on a real regular basis (3.5+ hours of pure riding, plus 9 hours of working).

The 20 miles also includes at least 1500’ of elevation, hence I’m slower going home.

My day:
6:00 am: wake, eat, dress
6:30 am: leave
8:00 am: arrive at work
8-12 pm: work
12-1 pm: work and fool around on the internet (ie: forums)
1-5 pm: work
5-7:30 pm: ride home.

Also, as Jason knows, i do cross train. Last weekend we climbed in Yosemite, and yesterday I was at the climbing gym hurting my hands in small cracks.


…that should have been 5-7 pm on the ride home. It takes 2 hours on average…

Last summer I did quite a few days of 20 KM commute to work, work from ten thirty until three then play in traffic until four thirty, work until 10 thirty and 20 KM commute home in the dark.

Also keep in mind I’m on my feet 99% of the time I’m working and I’m running around a kitchen or sushi bar.

Do that a few times and it will definatly tire you out quick.

Right now I’m training for trials and cross training muni. So I ride to the bus station on my 20" 1km then take the bus downtown and ride from that bus station to work .5 KM. Then I work say schedule except during my 1.5 hour break I ride trials/street non stop. Then on my way home its the same 1.5 but I usualy spend about 20-30 minutes waiting for the bus doing more street or freestyle riding. I am doing this 6 days a week, although three of those days I don’t work the morning shift so instead I just ride for another hour.

Today is my day off work so I only rode for two hours…

4 miles is definitely doable, you could do that every day comfortably.

When I do commute to work via unicycle, the ride is 8 miles one way, 16 miles a day. I actually want to tune up my road bike so I can start riding to work every day and rotate between the bike and unicycle since I find they work different muscles. On a bike it takes me half an hour or so to get to work, on the uni it takes me 45 min.

I started unicycling into work more because I was tired of getting flats on my road bike.

In theory, yes, but we all know that exchange rates don’t cover all prices. For example:

United Kingdom minimum wages
* £5.52($10.73) per hour for workers aged 22 years and older
* A development rate of £4.60 ($8.94)per hour for workers aged 18-21 inclusive
* £3.40 ($6.60)per hour for all workers under the age of 18, who are no longer of compulsory school age.

United States minimum wages
$2.15 (£1.11)-$8.00 (£4.12) depending on state[Kansas is the $2.15, weird, the vast majority of states are around $5.00(£2.57)]

We’re poorer than you. Let us complain.

[irrelevant comment](I blame the Federal Reserve, a private organization that controls our prices and our money, illegally taking a portion of our income and taking the value of our currency down to half yours)[/irrelevant comment]

yeah man you can do! i ride about 3 miles everyday on my 20, and it takes me somewhere between about 40-50 mintues. I am sure 2 miles on a coker will not be to bad, and a lot faster, 20-30 minutes?
i just got mine today and i love it!!! It is how i am going to be commuting to from my house to my colleges classes next semester.