high GAS price = commute on Coker?

Gas is crazy here(and everywhere else) in SoCalif.
I am starting a new job soon and seriously thinking of commuting on my Coker. It’s 4 miles each way to the train station where I will be riding from.
Is this do-able? :thinking:
Any uni commuters?

I commute 8 miles each way multiple times a week.

if you average 12mph it should only take 20 mins. i cant see why it wouldnt be possible, as long as there is somewhere to keep it safe at your work

4 miles is next to nothing on a coker. A very easy commute. If you do it at a relaxed pace it’ll take half an hour at most. You might need a change of shirt it being California and presumably quite hot.

I have a 3 mile commute at the moment and I seem to take long routes 80% of the time because 3 miles is just too short.

At one point I was regularly doing 9 miles each way across London, and that was great.


Uni-Commute is a great way to start the day, enjoy it!

start work with a smile, and get more cash in the pocket!

Yeah, I know. We’re paying up to $2.40 per litre here. How does that compare to SoCalif?

As the others have said already, 4 miles should be no problem at all. I used to commute 8 miles each way in Central London on a 29", so you should be fine on a Coker.

How long is the train ride though? You might want to look at ditching the train as well and riding the whole way.


I’ll add another vote for riding it. If the whole journey isn’t too far then ride the whole thing, or perhaps build up to it by riding to a further station. If it’s a long train journey and you can’t ride it all in a sensible time, a smaller wheel that a coker may be more practical for taking on the train - if it’s only a four mile ride a 29er or even 26 with short cranks would be fine and much easier to stash on the train.

My commute is between 8 and 11 miles each way, depending on how much off-roading I want to do (the cross-country route is longer but more fun on a unicycle). I’ll take whatever cycling machine I fancy on the day, either bike, coker or muni. If I need to be quick I’ll take the bike straight down the road, but half the time I’ll use a unicycle, which is much slower but still takes me under an hour. I’m not super-fit. Go for it!


EDIT: Oh, and Americans have NO reason to complain about fuel prices!

I know Josh the MGR at UDC commutes at least this far on the road. The roads here are insane to ride on, and he has not had a problem. He has not driven a car for commuting in something like 7 years. :astonished: Good for him.

YAY FOR COKERS!!! I think they’re the best invention since milk. :smiley:

$3.85/Gallon in Oswego, NY yesterday :astonished: . I barely drive at all anymore. I don’t have any sort of commute to make, but when I need to get into town I generally bike or coker - it’s about 5 miles to Walmart :).

$3.85 = £1.98 a (presumably US) gallon.
We’re paying about £1.05 (if we’re lucky) a litre.
1 US gallon = 3.78 litres.
So, £3.97 a US gallon.
Or $7.73 a gallon.

Stop moaning :wink:

Sorry for the off-topic post.


I think all my unicycling buddies have switched to the 1 wheel machines. Which i think is a + in my books. More exercise and better self-motivated.

I could go into more detail, but i don’t think people would like that. They would consider it threadjacking if i did. :stuck_out_tongue:

:astonished: I bet your automobiles get better gas mileage on average though :wink:

Haha, you’re right though. I have nothing to complain about. Plus, the fact that we have such gas-guzzling cars is nothing I am proud of.

That’s why I drive a Civic :wink: Uniing more would be great, but with a son now (yes, I AM going to mention this in every post I make for the forseeable future ;)) it’s not practical.

Slight threadjack, has anyone started eco-modding their cars? I joined ecomodder.com’s forums, and we’re looking at bettering the aerodynamics on the civic to up mileage, family being scattered across the continent and all. One guy has a '92 Civic that gets 90+ mpg… non-hybrid!

I would think that your driving style affects your mpg more than any simple aero modification. Having a fuel consumption meter in your car is a great way or channeling competetive driving behaviour in to trying to drive your daily commute using the least fuel possible. Sticking a taller diff. in a car makes a noticeable effect, and there are some good engine mods you can do, depending on the engine in question. Lightening is also worthwhile, although perhaps a bit extreme for most.

It worked for Doc Brown didn’t it? If you simply channel a bolt of lightning directly into your car’s flux capacitor then you can easily provide the necessary 1.21 jiggawatts.

maybe should have had an e in there

Only 4 miles! That’s totally doable (as Tom would say).

I commute 20 miles (each way). 1.5 hours to work, 2 hours home. I document most my rides on my blog.


Taking out the “e” makes it funnier though and allows me to post back to the future related content. :smiley: