High drops

I was just wondering when landing large drops if it better to be SIF or SN :thinking:

Seat in. You need to land and then
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You need to land and then real quick start pedaling to roll out as soon as you hit the ground.

To a transition/slope of any kind, seat in is definitely better, as its more stable.

SIF to flat is fine, but you’ve gotta have good control over SIF riding. You can absorb a little bit of impact by tucking your body down upon landing.

But seat-in to flat is very good, just have a low enough seat that you can squat your body a tiny bit upon landing. One problem I see, is people complaining that dropping or hopping seat-in feels crap (but at the same time they have a seat that’s ridiculously high).

the biggest drops to flat have been seat-in as well, so…

But at the same time, I guess in trials, if there’s no chance of doing a roll out on a drop, then SIF may be better as you can just land and stop dead whilst tucking your body so impact is absorbed that way.

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I have recently switched to doing all my trials ( really about 90%) SIF. That always includes drops, unless I’m dropping to something slanted. I feel that in a trials scenario it’s more flowy to say hop up to an obstacle, then drop of the other side without having to switch to seat in just for the drop, and then maybe pull it out again to continue the line.

i always drop seat in, cause its just… easier to control the landing… but i dotn do anything SIF…

I seat out drop everything below 3 1/2ft Anything above that seat in. Iv found something just as imporntant as rolling out is distrubuting your weight around well. Youv got four contact points with the uni when your droping seat in, Your ass, your hand, and both feet. Your initial instinct would be to take 99% of the force in your feet. This is bad, you can spraing ankles and knees this way. If your doing a big drop you want to make sure you take some of th force with your ass and hand. If you drop a lot you can get a motion going when you drop, you take the initial force with your back foot, then press down with your front foot, rolling out and taking some of the force with it.

well if you see zack baldwin out there he does seat in front everything. he jumped off the top of a train sif once. so it’s all preference but I have to agree that seat in has more control.

Yeah and I’ve see Ryan Atikins do some huge drops seat in front.

I’ve broken a number of KH handles by putting too much pressure on my hand when landing. Could you elaborate on how one is to use their hand to help with a landing?

I like that with seat out, you can crouch down before you drop and then roll off, which will already take a few feet off the drop, and make the impact of the landing not as bad. Rolling out of the drop is not too bad either for seat out.

But if its a big drop gap you need biceps the size of babys to hold the frame from flying away from you.


Get a better seat.

Eh, I just try to jump off and try to stick the landing, usually try to roll out as much as possible…Just jump off seat in and see what happens :smiley: