High Definition Video Cameras

Hey guys,
Firstly, my apologies but there isn’t a video in this thread :frowning: I wasn’t sure whether to put this in Unicycling product reviews, but thought it was more relevant in here.

I don’t know how many of you know about video cameras but I am after some advice.
I am looking at getting a High Def camera for making vids I don’t know much about high def but have been doing a bit of reading and have narrowed my search down to two camcorders that are in my price range.

The first one is:



I won’t bore you with the specs but I have read mixed reviews about this camera. It has a 3ccd sensor, I have always been impressed with the rich colours produced by these 3ccd cameras but according to alot of the reviews on this camera, its not as good as most others. The thing I do like about this one is the battery. It has an external clip on one that you can replace with a heavy duty item. That would be particularly useful when we go out on long rides in remote places with little or no access to power for long periods of time. Im not really interested in the still picture capability, I have my slr for that. The software is apparently pretty crummy and several reviewers said they had major problems using the video files recorded with this camera.



Again, I won’t go through the specs but I have been fairly impressed with the reviews for this one. I have owned Samsungs before (Camcorders and MP3 players) and like the brand. They look good and although normally more basic than other manufacturers, they perform the main task well. The reviews for this cam are saying that the image quality is good for the price of the camera, only the low light performance lets it down. I would probably be using it mostly in good light in the day though. The other feature that caught my attention was the 250fps slow-mo mode, although it will only do that in standard definition and only for 10 seconds at a time. The software that is bundled with it is reportedly good too, with a full editing suite included for High def footage. The major downside of this one for me is the built in battery. It will last for around 90 minutes, which is enough to fill the built in 8GB of flash memory, but after that you have to dock it and charge the battery. Not ideal if you are on an 8 hour ride and staying on a campsite with another long ride the next day.

Anyway, thats my thoughts and conclusions drawn from reading many reviews but obviously that is nothing compared with actual hands on experience. Does anyone own either of these cameras? Anyone got any videos shot with either so I can see the results? Any pointers or advice that anyone can give me, am I barking up the wrong tree looking at these two? My budget is £400 for a camera and for me, these two look like the best candidates although after typing all this out, I am rather swayed by the Samsung.

Cheers in advance for any input.


This looks great and a fairly good price! its apparently the worlds smallest, lightest 1080p HD camcorder

Also, look at the other sony camcorders oon amazon. i love them

I have the canon hv20, which is now out of production since canon came out with the hv30. So you can find it now for around $350, extremely cheap compared to hd cameras that are now up to $1000. It’s an hd camera that was voted best camera of 2007.

I have shot one video with it, but didn’t upload in hd because I don’t have a big enough computer. If you go onto hv20.com there’s a forum that discusses it, or just type hv20 in vimeo and you can see some amazing footage.

The battery’s not built in which you seem to like, so you can buy as many batteries as you need. It’s best feature is cinema mode which shoots in 24p, so even in the darkest conditions there is no grain whatsoever.

If you any questions about shoot me a pm.

Edd, if you get an HD camera, I’m coming down to film a vid!


Avoid that at all costs. I bought one, it said it was HD but the quality was horrible. Usually with those types of cameras the video format has to be converted, which is a pain in the ass, and the quality is horrible to begin with. Seriously, avoid cameras similar to these. You get what you pay for with these.

Awesome Amazon…

I can’t say I know a heck of a lot about HD or the Samsung but, from what I have heard/read, the Panasonic sounds pretty nice. I’ve sort of kept an eye on that one and it seems like a pretty good price. I have a Panasonic mini dv camcorder and it’s perfect for my needs and was a really good price. Actually I think I might have a brochure about that one here somewhere… I remember it saying that it had a sweet function you could set it to where it would start recording to SD 3 seconds before you pressed record, so that you would never miss the action.

Here we go. Oh it’s actually about the HDC-SD5, which I guess must be a better model. Panasonic’s a good brand in my opinion.

Sorry I can’t be of much help. Let me know what you choose to go with.

  • Matt

Ha Ha! Yeah, I found the Samsung somewhere cheaper anyway.
After much careful thought I have gone for the Samsung. I like the slow-mo feature and the attraction of a decent editing software package bundled with it leaned me towards the HMX20C. Also as I said in my first post, I have had Samsungs before and they have always served me well.
The only downside that I can see with my choice is the battery life. Having said that though, we should have the van on the road this year, which will have somewhere to plug it in.

Can’t wait to get it and start filming some stuff!


Awesome, that sounds good. The slo-mo function would be awesome. Let us know how you like it, and we hope to see some vids from you!

  • Matt