hidden video in universe 2

well i am probably not the only one who found the hidden videos but for the people who havnt found them i will tell you where they are.

k the first one is when you go into rider profiles click on dan heaton when you get to all the info on him either move your mouse(if your playn it on your comp) or use your directional arrow on your dvd remote to the picture at the bottom left and it will unispyco 2 click on it and wala video.

the second one is a promotional add by unicycle.com. all you have to do is go to the sponsors section and where it says unicycle.com move mouse or use remote click on the unicycle.com logo and a video will play


the second one isent that hidden, you can click on all of the sponcers

yeah, the second one’s not a hidden video. It’s just a sponsored video by unicycledotcom.

PS YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL!! people are supposed to figure it out on their [b]own[/b]!!!

oh sorry… maybe no one will notice this thread

oh sorry… maybe no one will notice this thread

Hidden videos in UNiVERsE 2

There is another hidden video in UNiVERsE 2. To get to it, all u do is go to the bonus footage, and hit skip on your remote if u have a dvd player. Its sort of stupid but its funny. If you did not want to know, than you shouldn’t have been on this thread.

Re: Hidden videos in UNiVERsE 2

Those are the same peices of hidden footage.

Conclusion there is only one Hidden Footage segment, but there are multiple ways of getting to it, depending on what you are playing it on…

Re: Hidden videos in UNiVERsE 2

once again…

you’re not supposed to tell!!! People need to figure it out themselves!!

like i said before no one is suppost to notice this thread

Oh, yeah.


what…the #%&…is that…?

] ] ] ]

According to the properties, it is a Josher, whatever the heck that is…:josher:

just for the record, its called an Easter Egg not a hidden video.

isnt that crazy little snowman majigger cool

Not really, I am not that fond of happy faces and the other smilies. Although I do use them to express a just kidding kind of remark, for those who don’t understand sarcasm…