Hidden Savages


A couple of us were out riding the other night in a residential area that we
hadn’t been in before. A young man, 12, (we’d never seen him before) was
watching us from his driveway. Just to be smart, we called out to him,
“Don’t just stand there. Get your unicycle and join us!” He disappeared
into the garage. A moment later, he was back . . . with his unicycle!

He had a beat up, rusted out old Savage with a tire as flat as North Dakota.
We went back for the pump and tried to force some air into the tire, but no
luck. So I let him try my 20-inch Miyata. He freemounted on the third try
and rode down the street!

This is what we get for making smart remarks to 12-year-olds. You just
can’t tell with them. They look innocent enough . . . and then they turn
around and bring out that hidden Savage. . . .

Stay balanced.


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Maybe it’s worth a try… there’s got to be someone else around here who unicycles, surely? Statistical probability and all that…

Phil, just me

that is such a kewl story!
shortly after i bought my first uni, i noticed a kid at a spaza-shop pushing one around
i never had the opportunity to find out if he could ride and where the machine came from
i thought it had to be the freakiest example of the ‘yellow jeep syndrome’ i’d ever come across

My Savage, (now with mostly replaced parts,) hung in our garage for at least two or three years once my brother stopped riding and before i rode. . . those savages are hidden everywhere!

k I went into the local bike store for the first time with a uni about a year ago and a kid a little older than me just stood there staring at me. Then he looked at the clerk and said, "yeah one just like that"It turns out he was from regina , a city 45 minutes away, and he had just started riding. We talked in the store a bit, exchanged email addresses and emailed eachother for about a month and havent talked since. That was the only unicyclist id ever met in person!

our juggling/unicycling group gets together on the odd sunday at a place called emmarentia dam for an afternoon of fun
during a recent outing, my girlfriend went to the little girl’s room
she returned and quite a while later mentioned ,in a ‘by the way’ kinda way, that she saw a girl on a uni on her way to the toilet
we freaked as we thought we knew all the unicyclists in jo’burgh by name!
the mystery uni-girl hasn’t been spotted since…