Hicktrip Quick Flip Trick Tip

A quick tutorial I made to help people flip faster :stuck_out_tongue:

-Eli Brill

Great tips! Those are all the little things that make a huge difference. “Pulling” the pedal forward is probably the biggest issue that really makes it hard to flip fast. Hopefully people will see this, because it’s really handy to have someone tell you these things before you spend a bunch of time figuring them out for yourself. Tomorrow I’m going to try some flips making sure to do all of the things in this video. You make hicktriples look unbelievably easy!

Nice tips Eli but i have an awkward stance… I jump with my left foot forward but spin the uni to the right, so if i pivot into my hick flip its awkward because i would need to pivot left but then spin the uni to the right. do you understand what im saying? if so any tips…?

The tip there tony, I would imagine, is try to spin blind like Eli does(if I’m not mistaken, I believe he does it to fix
the same problem) or even try to switch up your stance.

edit: nice little tutorial, some good things to think about for me.

Yeah, Tony, I’d say you have to change your stance. Even if it’s only for hickflips. I used to do everything like you except for hickdoubles and triples :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, you could just do the pivot and spin away from your front foot. That’s how I have to do treytriples and stuff.

very nice! could you do the same thing for plain crankflips? I think shauns tutorial is nice as well, but I would prefer to learn it without the pre-thing cause many people told me it kept them from learning it quicker. good teaching.

Could you do a tutourial for treyflips aswell:)? Cuz I’m practizing hard, but I just don’t get it. :angry:

awesome tutorial :slight_smile: you gave some really nice tips:D
Can you also make a 1080 toturial, I feel kinda close… (only missing 1 rotation of the wheel:))

Hahaha ok, crankflip, treyflip, 1080. I’ll get to work :wink: :slight_smile:

Edit: btw, UniHopper, your website is for tutorials like this, no?

There are links to request tutorials there… and strange enough, there is a link to submit tutorials there too :wink:

Good toturial if you’re riding skate shoes, but useless with Five Ten shoes (imo) :stuck_out_tongue: But liked that you show excactly where it’s good to hold your fingers! :smiley:

Useless because of your shoes…? :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a tutorial for treyflips. You can view it here: http://www.unicyclist.ca/?page_id=213

Yes it is, I have added your tutorial. Here is the link: http://unitips.ca/?p=186

Yup xD sound stupid, but (for me) true :stuck_out_tongue: FiveTen has like a trippel as good grip compared to skate shoes therefor I cant flip more than one flip if I take my foot out to the side… I used a lot of practice just to learn flipping duobles with them… I did a few triples (with the technique you describe in the vid) on flat with my old pair, but they didn’t have any grip left anymore… :smiley:

Maybe I should make a FiveTen flipping toturial some day :stuck_out_tongue:

Short and clear, great tutorial! :slight_smile:

Nice, I could pretty use this tutorial!:):slight_smile:

lol, nothing as hard as trying to flip with butterfly pedals ^^
First days I got it I even had problems flipping 1flip… now I petty used to it and can flip everything :slight_smile: and when I switch to plastic I can flip much better^^

lol and if you want an awesome crankflip tutorial…
here is mine xD