Kinda new to the forums…
Anyone else learn them static like this?
do these count?:slight_smile:

Why Kind of?

Thats just a static hickflip. It doesn’t have to be rolling to be a hickflip, so yeah, that counts. Nice job.

wow man that’s awesome. you’ve improved sooooo much since you came to my house lol.

Cool, ya it counts, it’s just static.

Sweet man. welcome to the forums allthough I’m guessing you have been around a few times.

Very nice man. Why did you learn them static? Did you find it easier that way?

Nice work!
I’m guessing you learned them static as you find it easier… I can only unispin static… much harder to bust stuff out rolling, however i guess all it takes is committment to practicing.

In august didn’t you just get 180 unispins?


to tell you the truth i haven’t practiced it much rolling…

but i feel consistent static so hopefully rolling will come easy…

i didn´t learn them static but can also do them

i would count them

lg ludwig