Hickflip Tutorial

Expect a new thread for the new tutorials, shorts, and highlights until the traffic increases on our website. Sorry to spam but we need the exposure. Thanks for all the support so far!


P.S. Sex Change tutorial out shortly.

Hahaahhahah loooooove the beginning

Great tutorial!

An Idea:
I think it would be awesome if you encouraged people in the video to post the trick as a video response once they learn it. Then it might have greater inspiration for other riders to learn.

-First they see the good tutorial with an expert rider explaining and demonstrating it well.
-Then they see other riders progressing by learning the trick in video responses so they know it’s possible for a less experienced rider to learn.
-They then decide they want to learn.
-It’s like an accomplishment to say you learned the trick and then can get it posted as a video response.

And/Or you could encourage people to post video responses of attempts and them trying to learn where you could comment on those videos with specific tips. That might be too much work though.

+1 for Zach. I dig the idea of people sending videos asking for a bit of help or showing them land it, and maybe give a suggestion that wasn’t in the tutorial. Though that might get a bit crowded with weird ideas…

Really like these tutorials by the way. Very helpful as somebody who hasn’t mastered these tricks.

soooooo clean!