hickflip tips

kinda rhymes huh? probabl could do a search but i dont care enough to. i can get hickflips now about 3/4 of the way, but cant get the cranks to flip full. and when i do get the cranks to flip full, my feet arent high enough to stick it. theres me doing a half hick flip on myspace, but theyre not legit enough for me. any help would be cool. preciate. bye.

Let’s go with.

  1. Concentrate on popping into the air, no forward advancement at first. This way you’ll have the height and the time on your side.

  2. With both hands, seat out in front, yank up on the uni right as you jump, this way it will give the cranks a good flip, with your high jump giving you time.

  3. Kick towards the ground, like you are kinda going to plant one foot, but not really, haha. With the kick and the pull up on the seat that should be all you need for flip speed, you’re jumping up and not forward will give you the time.

  4. Unispin the uni at your comfortable speed, faster the smaller the jump. But the difference between unispinning speeds is very small.

Good luck.

-Shaun Johanneson

thanks shaun. i probably should have just pm’d you come to think of it. but yea i hope i get this, it really doesnt even seem that hard. then ill do it down a casual 16 stair.

Also, if you can’t already, I would learn/perfect seat out flips. Can you outflip? That might help you have the confidence to land it once you’ve got the technique down.


Hey Jonny when you hickflip, try to concentrate on flipping the cranks and THEN spinning the uni. I know for me, alot of times if i dont get a full flip, it is because i tried to do the unispin too early. So yeah, see if that helps. Good luck.

No i cant outflip, i dont think that will be too hard though in the future. im hopin to nail a lot of flip variations before naucc so i can do the street competition, but more so jsut so i can get my riding better and stray from freestyle more. i think theres more progression in street nowadays for sure.

and dude, ya know what i just figured out?..youre jason auld. or however you spell it?..haha. i thought you might be and i looked at your profile which had your myspace and sure enough you are. i saw a vid of you not long ago doin a 540 unispin and it was awesome, it really inspired me. it seems like ive seen you in another vid before too, but i have a bad memory. but yea i love youre riding, its so confident.

thanks man, ill definitley keep it in mind:) hopefully ill get it today man, gonna ride and film a little bit later. im thinkin i will, unicycling is just a mind game for me.

k, well i havnt unicycled much latly, an hour the last 2 days, (minimum).

But i always jsut work on the formation like i am going to just unispin, and i just do crankflips without the unispin, one hand in front one of the side (learn both on the side of the uni first) Then you just concentrate on doing that, and then at the very end once you get that down barly do the 180 unispin focus on the crankflip, i can hit the pedals, ill have to down sooo soon the sad thing is during a school week it is so hard to get riding time with wrestling and homework and all.

good luck.

i learnt outflips first then i learnt hickflips
at first with the hicks i count get the full spin, just practice.
kbye reef