Hickflip tips

I’ve had a few tips already but I just wanted to get a general selection of tips on how to Hickflip.
If any of you have come across things that helped when you were learning or problems that arised and how you over came them, stick them down here and they will be very much appreciated.


u crankflipped yet m8,

i flipped a 6 set just now sos to thread jack oh and also did a set hand rail just a very low one
hick flips eh well i landed em on my freestyle first so i duno

yeh, I flipped a 2 set the other day. Nice one on the 6 set, thats mental!
How long did it take you to learn, how did you go about doing it?


wat hicks or sets
sets i practiced on a curb then went str8 to a 3 then to a 4 n 5 then 6 is so ez to go from 5 to 6

hicks i just kept doin it very frustratin but eventually landin it u will probs land it one footed alot its pretty ez to do glad to c ur branchin out of unispins

Try to do the crankflip part first, then the unispin. It is all one motion but that is how I think of it. Push down with your front foot as you begin to spin it. I have seen Alex Toms do them where it looks like a normal flip with a late unispin, it just doesn’t work the other way around. It takes a lot of practice to get a feel for them.


To feel the flip, it is a good thing to work on sif crankflips.
Spencer is right, you have to concentrate on the flip before throwing the spin.


thanks for the help so far guys. Does anyone have a link to the street unicyclopedia. I remember a while back Alex Toms did some vids along with a description of the trick.
If anyone knows it, stick it down,



No worries I found it, Alex Toms is so smooth in all the tricks he does, he jumps so high for unispins and flips!

Anymore tips?


well, I’ve tried practising but I still feel I need a few tips. What is the best way to go about doing a seat out flip?

Any and all tips will be appreciated, keep em coming.


Its basically the same, it is easier to hold the seat with two hands and get a good grip on it.