Hickflip Competition

:smiley: Ok this is the hickflip competion. The competion will start in exactly 12 hours. The rules are

  1. You cannot have landed a hickflip before

  2. In order to get the sig trophy you must land one on film and post it

  3. It must pass the other contestants inspection

also, this is a rolling hickflip.

If you want to play just put your name down and give some info about your self like this

Name: Levi
Tricks: 360’s, 360 unispins, crankflips and a bunch of other stuff
Favorite ice cream: Vanilla

once your footage has passed the inspection you will be able to copy and paste this ====>


into your sig…it will look like this


so 12 hours till it starts

Name: Zachary
Tricks: 360’s, 360 unispins, crankflips and a bunch of other stuff
Favorite ice cream: Cookie Dough

Name: Tyler
Tricks: crankflips, 180’s, 180 unispin, seatwrap, others
Favorite ice cream: cookie dough
P.S.: Whats a hickflip? i forget

180 unispin with a crankflip



good luck

I win! Haha, I like this competition :wink:


Kelly, do you remember just sitting around thinking about what to name it? It’s weird that all the names have actually stuck, it’s very exciting. Hickflip? lol, that’s so awesome, named after Kelly Hickman. hahaha. I love you man.

-Shaun Johanneson

so i learned to 180 flip today, and it really helped my hicks…so no im closer to landing them, so now im going to use the remaining daylight and go practice…

I learned 180 flips tonight also! Hickflips here I come!!

I find hickflips a lot easier than 180 flips so hopefully thats encouraging news for those in the competition.

I’ve been trying hicks a bit more and learning 180 flips helps me with spinning the cranks while spinning the uni so I’m also getting closer to landing them.

im so close, its just commiting to it now i think…

Sorry but I can’t participate in this competition. ->>:p<<-

WTF? Are you serious? :thinking:
180Flip took me 10 minutes, Hickflips 4days of hard and painfull practicing.

So good luck for you all!
If you need a little funny motiviation: I made a small vid of the 3rd day, I tried to land them. :slight_smile:

man thanks you really inspired me…

I know right, i have been workin on em for maybe 3 hours and im not really getting anywear…but 180 flips took me probably 25 minutes to get em clean

any i am going to win this competition…:smiley:

I got Them!~!!!1 :astonished: :sunglasses: :smiley: YES!!! 2 mins ago!@!@!!! vid up soon. Not the cleanest, had to hop out but I got it!!! Yes!!! 2 flip tricks in 1 week.

waiting…i landed one, but not on camera…but do you have any tips for getting them consistant?

I win!!! yes!!! lalalalala I’m so happy!!!

haha good job man…i love how you scream YESSSSSSS…that was great…im gonna hafta land one really really clean so that i feel better about myself for losing…:frowning: :wink:

so…any tips…i will almost garnetee (SP?) you i get second lol