Hickflip competition

i just saw so much comps here and wanted to do one for the hickflip
1.must be on flat
2You must not have landed a hickflip before
3. must be 19" wheel or bigger
4. video proof needed
5. can be done with the seat fakie or normal
6. videos must be clear anoth to see the trick
7. the comp starts as soon as 3 people have entered
it would be nice if somebody could make the sig for the 1 ,2,3

I’m definitely in. I’ve been extremely close for the last few months and this might just provide the motivation i need to actually land some hickflips! :slight_smile:

I’m making some sig trophies too…

thanks i hope i get it soon i landed a view on the pedals but i ever fall

Wat is a sig? So it is a prize for the 1st 2nd and 3d winner, but what (srry, I’m new here)?

Sig trophies:

)-hickflip-'O, 1st

Copy and paste into sig:

)-hickflip-'O, [B]1st[/B]

)-hickflip-'O, 2nd

Copy and paste into sig:

)-hickflip-'O, [U]2nd[/U]

)-hickflip-'O, 3rd

Copy and paste into sig:

)-hickflip-'O, [I]3rd[/I]


Sig is short for signature, it’s the thing underneath all your posts, and in competitions the winners can get little colorful “sig trophies” to put in their sigs for fun :slight_smile:

See mine below…

so I still don’t know what it is :roll_eyes:

This is your sig:

Sorry for my English if there are spelling or grammatical errors.

Oh I see now. That is very nice!
Didn’t read the post of Petad very well, sorry.


damn i landed one but it was rainy so i slipped from the cranks

I might be in! I’ve been so close the last months…


i never rode on a 12 uni so i can´t say if its an advantage for you so i think it´s ok

Can it be done as an outflip? Or does it have to start from SIF to count for this comp?

i don´t think so
because i think it´s a very different thing to flip from seat in
is anyone very close?

I’m not really close, but I’m in! I probably wont win:(

yeah i won i upload the vid after a big shower :smiley:

I’m extremely close now. I landed with 2 feet on them today, and if i had more time to try i probably would have landed some but it’s too dark out now. I seriously think I’ll land some tomorrow. hopefully! :sunglasses:

I dreamed I landed them, It was cool, I think I’m going to try it today:p

I would enter, but I’m to lazy to post a video and plus I don’t have a video camera. I bet I could land one in two days if I tried.

i am in