Hickdubs-frustration-Help needed


So as you know, I’ve landed a hickdouble before off of two pallets. I landed another today, but I hopped once and fell off. Also, after maybe 20 minutes of trying, I can get either one or two feet on a lot of them. If I get 2 feet on, I fall forward because the pedals are not quite fully flipped. If I get 1 on, it feels nice but my foot is no where near on.

Here’s all the things I’ve figured out that help. PLEASE ADD

Ride in a straight line.
1.5 rev’s before, start riding slow, and on the last half rev, go fast
Pull up hard
Try and spin a full 180.

What do I need to do? Sorry if I’m being annoying with all my questions. It’s just I am getting annoyed.

I’m taking a few days off to relax from them.

Also, can I have some advice. I like doing them off of two pallets because I feel like I can land it.

If I do them on flat, I can get a full flip but I land behind the unicycle.

Flat or off pallets (to start)

Thanks for all the help. I’ll shut up now:p

Maybe try to decelerate instead of accelerate the last half rev before you do it. If you are riding at a good pace then stop, you can build up a lot of force in your flipping foot.

So instead of accelerating at the last rev, slow down to build tension in my foot.

Huh, I’ll try it out. So ride normal, and slow down A BIT to build up foot tension.

I’ll try it out.

Thanks Spencer.


How about the landing. That’s what I’m screwing up on.

I mess up on the even hickflip landings.

I was thinking lasrt night. I’m going to get good with doubles and hickflips before I practice these.

Any tips on HICK landings

I think you just have to keep practicing. :roll_eyes:


the landing isnt really any different than a regular hickflip, its just commitment.

The way spencer said is the exakt way i do fifthdoubles and hicktriples and everything else :stuck_out_tongue: