hick questions?

when doing hickflips how do you keep the unicycle under you…i get the spin but the uni always goes out in front of me:(

Practice and you will get it, just keep trying and exsperimenting, theres not realy anything else we can do to help you.

Yeah, the biggest part is to just commit. If the Uni is landing in front of you that means you haven’t commited yourself fully to the trick. You might get a few painful crashes but you’ll get it in no time.
Hope that helped.

ill tell you in 3 hours

thats what happens to me when i try to hick. I only do outflips i never really practiced hicks much. try doing an outflip maybe it will be easier for you like it is for me.

ive been trying for awhile but just cant commit. havent been riding recently tho.

I havn’t successfully landed one yet, so this might not mean much to you, but by keeping your arm straight with as little bend as possible, it makes flip tricks a whole lot easier, and possibly contributes to the spin. It mainly keeps the Uni under you.