Hick Flips

I’ve been working on hickflips for about a month and I haven’t been able to land one yet :angry: . I can do both crankflips and 180 unispins. Please post any advice or tutorials about hickflips! :smiley:

[LEFT]One tip, is to learn how to spin and flip in the same ways. Like if you can do the 180 unispin only seatout, and crankflip set-in, then it will be somewhat hard to try to do them both. Where as, if you can unispin from seatin, and crankflip from seatin (Reverse being spin and flip starting out seatout) then the trick will become a bit easier for you, because both tricks will be natural to you already.[/LEFT]

Pull up hard on the seat but also try to jump quite high. Try outflips and hickflips to see which is easier for you. Keep the unicycle under you and commit. Also learning them off a small ledge will give the cranks more time to flip and then you can learn them on flat later. That’s what I did. O and learning crankflips SIF helps you get the feel for flipping SIF.

Something that helped me is to keep your kicking foot slightly higher than your back foot before the flip. This will give a snapping effect, and the cranks will flip a lot faster. That is assuming that the flip is the problem.

i can now do them rolling, but i learned them static…

I just let my backfoot go down a little, so that my cranks are at a bit of an angle, this allowed me to get alot of pop, then u just kick and pull up on the uni…

once you feel the flow it’ll all come together…good luck!

Thx for the tip ill work on both unispins seat in and crankflips seat out so i can do em both ways.

that’s what I was trying to say haha

i learned flip tricks when my tire pressure was lower than normal. it helped me to preload the tire for a flip so I could concentrate on spinning the unicycle. this will help you get the feel of it so you can do them with your normal pressure.

Ok, so I can land hickflips seat out static spinning with my left hand and i can almost do them while rolling seat in with my right hand. Basically, i want to learn how to do my hickflips seat out, rolling, with my left hand. The only dilemma for me is spinning the crankflip seat out while rolling. Any tips or tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

Pressure on the seat and not your cranks, exept for the one your flipping of course.

How thats a big help, I’m so close to landing them I’ll get em tomorrow. Thx man.

How is that a big help, or is it a help?

yes I can finally land hickflips!!! :slight_smile:

my problem was i wasnt jumping high enough maybe try jumping higher and try to learn how to silly flip, thats a SIF crankflip

I have the same problem with both hickflips and outflips. The unicycle lands between my legs with my feet on the ground on either side of the pedals. The unicycle completes the trick, but I end up on the ground(hard, enough that my feet hurt after I’m done).

Anyone know how to change this?

  1. Stay over the unicycle
  2. Commit, listen to your favorite music and get really pumped
  3. Snap your legs towards the pedals sooner.

The good part about hickflips is you only need to land one of them to really get the feel for them. I think hickflips are easier than outflips so try those first.

It really depends on your stance and your personal preference. I think that if you spin away from your front foot, then outflips will be easier at first. (thats how it was for me).

I can’t hickflip either, I’ll try to do some SIF crankflip. Sometimes I can make the full flip and the full spin but, it’s really rare:p