Hick double

I have seen so many comps lately but none of them fits to me cause either i have landed them or i’m not even close so i wanted to make one i might have a chance on and that i will try to land. So i have been trying to get the hick double for some time now so this is whats the competition is about


  1. You must not have landed a hick double before
  2. Must be on flat ground
  3. Must be 19" wheel or bigger
  4. Video proof needed
  5. Videos must be clear enough to see the trick
  6. The comp begins as soon as 2 people have entered

Anybody who wants to make the trophys?

now good luck landing one :roll_eyes:

Im in, im soooooooo close to get them so i mayeb land one when i get competitor :smiley:

can someone make trophys please?

i’m in to :roll_eyes: but I don’t think I can win… it looks pritty hard :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, its not that hard, its just a bit scary to land it :smiley: But can anyone make the throphys please?

and the competition have started :smiley:

Nothin hard aobut hick dubs. I think I landed my first one… The first day I decided to try one :stuck_out_tongue:

Can anyone make the throphys please?

they are not scary
i landed my first one within 3 attempts in a battle against felix

Maybe there not scary, but can you make trophys?

First place:

O—(First place HICK DOUBLE )—O

Second place:

O—(Second place HICK DOUBLE )—O

Third place:

O—(ThirdplaceHICK DOUBLE )—O

I have landed one hick double and the movie coming soon :smiley:

Haha I still haven’t landed one :p.

Almost got hictriples on flat though. That’s my goal, to get them before hickdoubles.

Nice, lol :smiley:

Here is it http://vimeo.com/5710850 yay! :smiley:

I dont know how to show the link to the throphies so just quote my message and take the throphy when you have landed it :slight_smile:

Tim are you close to get a hick double?

euh… I can get 1.5pretty good xD
and I couldn’t practise… (no time+a hole in my tube… :p)


im in, ive been practising for a while! ive can get 1.5 pretty well too!

i got it!!! wooo, oly took like 2 hours practise… :sunglasses:


[B]O---(Second place HICK DOUBLE )---O[/B]

Its yours, good work!