Hick Backflip Help

Hey I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions or tips for learning Hick backflips (or videos that show it clearly). When I have been trying them so far, I seem to have alot of trouble with the timing bewteen the jump, flip, and spin. I’ve tried Hick fakieflips too, and it is easier to get the timing but I never seem to be able to keep the wheel under me (and when I am able to keep it under me, the flip will barely flip). Thanks.

EDIT: I might beable to film some of my attempts tomorrow.

i’ll try learn them today and i’ll get a video or two.

Who all is even doing them? I didn’t know they were that widespread. Ill try and get a vid up soon.



I made a signature! Ha.

haha you sure did billy you sure did.

Heres a vid to a couple of mine.



Hickbacks just seem so unnatural. I find outbacks a lot easier. But I can’t do hickbacks so, that might be it.