i have a few questions to you

1: if i hop with my right foot in front and i hold my seat with my right hand what should be my direction in doing 180,360 …

2: when i do SIF how high should my seat be

3: what is url of that page where are lot’s of tutorials and videos for all tricks

First try a thread title other than “hi” because it’s completely vague. Try something that describes what you want or what you’re talking about. People will tend to look at it then.

Next, try Andrew Carter’s unicycle2ya site for tips and tutorials.

Finally, try the search function on these fora and familiarize yourself with its operation.

The answers to the questions you posed are all going to vary from rider to rider. Don’t be surprised if you get many conflicting responses or no response at all. It’s difficult for someone who lives 1000 miles from you who has not seen you and doesn’t know your height, weight, inseam, unicycle, and saddle tell you with any degree of confidence how high your seat should be for SIF riding.

Re: hi

On Mon, 31 Oct 2005 11:08:59 -0600, harper wrote:

>First try a thread title other than “hi”


>Next, try ‘Andrew Carter’s unicycle2ya site’

I’ll fill in for Andrew who’s probably sleeping at this time. It’s
Andrew Carter’s and Peter van Boekhout’s site.

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to answer your question about hop-twists (180s and 360s and whatever other arbitrary number of degrees you wish to turn whilst in the air), hop whatever direction feels most comfortable. In fact, the same thing goes for SIF hopping. Adjust until you’re comfortable, then practice practice practice.


Uhh, i generally agree with statements like this, but no, that is wrong. The direction you should hop is important, and is not something to be chosen arbitrarily. ALWAYS make your primary sidehop be AWAY from your hand that holds the seat. This is for later on: For pedalgrabs, this will mean your non-holding hand will be over the obstacle, so you can hang your body farther out. For big SIF hops, it will mean that you can tuck higher because when you lift your uni it will be angled towards the obstacle, rather than away. For gaps it will mean you can reach out farther and lean better for the gap.

So, if you hold with your right hand, sidehop to the left. Trust me, later you will be glad. Watch videos of Ryan Atkins, Jeff Groves, Zack Baldwin, Kris Holm, Sabin Arditty, me (not to say i can compare to them), or ANY high SIF sidehopper, and you will find that they jump AWAY from their hand that holds the seat, regardless of which foot they have back.