Hello i am chris, an Australian rider. I have been riding for 2 years now, i am an intermediater rider, i am currently uni-less as she is in another state. I am willing to talk to everybody as long as it is topic related. If you want to talk to me more add me to:

MSN: iwannabeaflaffle@hotmail.com

Yahoo: kryswillbemynewfriend

Aol: taped up chris

I am trusting you not to spam my inbox’s.

That’s what this forum is for.

Either chip into an ongoing discussion, or post a question or something controversial and see what comes back over the net.

I actually like this method of getting out there. I was going to do it myslef. But i’ll use this one. lol. Talking to other riders is awesome. It’s cool to, over the months, hear about their improvements and such. Also share stories and what not. But yeah. For anyone that wants to talk uni add me as well, i’m usually on a lot, lol. That’s that no life thing. But i do get in some hours daily of riding. Two- Seven, haha. Depending if I work. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson