I’m new here, so I thought I’d introduce myself… My name is David Poznanter,
and I am a 20 year old music major (singing) at UC Santa Cruz, but it’s all just
a front to hide my sick addiction to muni and trials unicycling. For lack of a
better description of myself, I’ll quote an email I got today from Rolf Thompson
(the guy trying to set up a spring muni weekend in Moab, Utah, more info to
follow…) “…you’re the young, blond-haired (actually it’s brown)
whipper-snapper I saw internet photos of dropping off large rocks, down steep
insane looking trails, riding on logs, and laughing all the way”

I cohosted the muni weekend this fall with my roommate/ riding partner Bruce
Bundy, the guy who taught me just about everything I know about riding (although
I still can’t grunt like him). I like riding steep ups and downs, rocks and
roots, anything wet (rain rides and stream crossings are my favorite), big
drops, and stairs. Lots of stairs…

My current project that might be of interest to some of you is the new mountain
unicycle I’m “manufacturing” here in Santa Cruz (“THE HUNTER”). It will
basically be the burliest unicycle ever built, with Myata seats, chromoly frames
built here in S.C. by Rick Hunter (the double forked red, silver, or black munis
you might have seen some web photos of), Seismic Hubs built around Profile 3/4
inch spindle with 48 splined cranks, Sunn Double Wide rim, Gazzelodi tire
(either 24 or 26 by three inches…HUGE!) Twisted pedals, and brake bosses
included (compatable with Magura hydraulic brakes). They should be ready right
around or after Christmas, and will be sold through unicycle.com. I should have
a prototype by the end of next week, so I’ll try to post any worthwhile news.

Well, I’ve blabbed long enough. If you actually got this far, thanks for
reading, I’ll try to keep it shorter next time.

See ya,


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Im not sure why no one said hi to you.

start in your stomach. bellow it up!

how do people post like that with out being memebrs or anything?


This has to be the oldest bump I’ve ever seen.

Want me to drag some giraffe mounting threads from 1995 up? They would fit right in. Haha.


Hey, it’s up to you if you want. :smiley:

Nah, not this time, unless I come across a really good one.

I dont want it to become a fad/joke thing to start bumping old threads with not much meaning, and I can only allow myself to do it once every now and then.

It would be funny if David came back here though and saw this.

I find it funny that nobody replied to one of the most important threads in unicycling!

Just so I’m clear, this is the guy who invented the Profile uni hub, right?


he said he wouldnt blabber as long next time, is there a next time?

Yes, David also got Rick Hunter to start making frames, basically, the profile hub brought splined unicycle hubs to the mainstream. Before it you could only get the DM ATU and remove the hub from it, you couldn’t buy one seperate.

Ah, it’s so funny how few people replied to this. Nowadays random noobs post threads saying “hi, I’m new” and those get around 20 replies and you never see the thread creators again…

Oh look, he has been waiting for years for someone to say hi, and no one has… HI lol!

I’ve seen a tread dragged up from 1993, so this isn’t the oldest.

Re: hi…

On 22/06/2008 11:33, brendon557 wrote:
> how do people post like that with out being memebrs or anything?

Just like this :stuck_out_tongue:

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shhhh they don’t know about usenet :wink:

yeah 9 years ago it was posted…

David also had a 5 sec. segment in U2.

Yeah, I find that mildly disturbing:(