Hi :-)

Hi ppl,

Just thought I’d say a quick hello!

I’ve just got a 2012 Reagent delivered today!!!

I used to juggle and unicycle some years ago (I’m 54) and I’ve decided to take up the sport again. My inner dorkiness finally got the better of me, lol.

Back when I used to uni there was no such thing as YouTube etc so the learning curve was almost non-existent o.0 but I’ve seen some amazing things on YT and have decided that I want to get back on the wheel :slight_smile:

I should be able to do some basic stuff (I hope!) like hopping up and rolling off kerbs (curbs) and I used to be able to juggle 3 clubs on the uni - and be able to pick up a dropped club without dismounting.

I’ve literally just assembled it - so I’m off out to try it!!!

Oh yeah, I’m English but I live in the Nederlands (Holland) in Europe.

Hello Quix, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Congrats on getting back on the uni!
Some around here say its the fountain of youth, so probably a good move :stuck_out_tongue:

One more of us…

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