I’m from israel
It will be nice to surf here
Im not lauging
A friend give me this website and i decide to register
I’m not lier if u want a proof so look :

אני חדש פה,מתכוון להשקיע ולהתקדם בדרגות.

This is hebrew

if u want more proof so add me in msn : Alon514@gmail.com

i have a microphone and i will speak with u in hebrew

welkom on the forum :slight_smile:

Welcome and where are you From?

Welcome to the Forums Alon

ברוך הבא!

Were are you from in Israel and what to you ride?


hi welcome to the forum my father is from israel too can you write arabic then i can read it i speak a little bit arabic

Haha. I believe you! Welcome to the forums!

Oh sure. We believe you. Really.

Sheesh! Next you’ll be telling us you ride a unicycle!